By Letter:

S.O.S. Band
S.O.S.: (Tabu 1980)
* “Take Your Time Do it Right”
     Black Sheep’s “Strobelite Honey”
     Coolio’s “Let's Do It”
     F.S. Effect’s “Do It Right”

On the Rise: (Tabu 1983)
* “Tell Me If You Still Care”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “I'm Looking for the One. . .”
     Foesum’s “Don't Get it Twisted”
     LL Cool J’s “Hip Hop”
     Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”
* “Just Be Good to Me”
     Beats International’s “Dub Be Good to Me”
     Shaq’s “Just Be Good to Me”
     Silkk the Shocker’s “Just Be Straight with Me”
     Tupac ft Richie Rich’s “Heavy in the Game”

Just the Way You Like It: (Tabu 1984)
* “No One's Gonna Love You”
     Conscious Daughters’s “Funky Expedition”
     Foxxy Brown’s “No One's”
     Maxwell’s “Ascension”
     Spice 1’s “Welcome to the Ghetto”

Sands of Time: (Tabu 1985)
* “The Finest”
     Foul Play’s “Finest Illusion”
     MF Doom’s “The Finest”
     Towa Tei’s “Congratulations”

What is it: (Musicor 1971)
* “Burning Spear”
     Bigg Ocean Mobb’s “415 in Progress”
     ETA’s “Casual Sub (Burning Spear)”
     Jungle Brothers’s “In Dayz to Come”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Releasing Hypnotical Gases”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Go with the Flow”
* “Soul”
     DJ Shadow’s “Midnight in a Perfect World”
     Main Source’s “Fakin' the Funk”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Releasing Hypnotical Gases”

Can You Feel It: (Musicor 1972)
* “Peace of Mind”
     Craig G’s “What You're Used To”
     Heavy D’s “Letter to the Future”
     Main Source’s “Peace is Not the Word to Play”
     MOP’s “Roll Call”

Promise: (CBS 1985)
* “Fear”
     Mobb Deep’s “Where Ya Heart At”
     Pastor Troy’s “Will He Come Home Tonight”
* “War of the Hearts”
     K-Dee’s “The Best Thing Goin'”
* “Sweetest Taboo”
     Lil' Kim’s “Single Black Female”
     Patra’s “Going to the Chapel”

Stronger than Pride: (CBS 1988)
* “Siempre Hay Esperenza”
     Paris’s “Mellow Madness”
* “Turn My Back on You”
     Poison Clan’s “Ahead of my Time”
* “Paradise”
     Dwele & Slum Village’s “Keep On”
     Inspectah Deck’s “Trouble Man”
* “Love is Stronger than Pride”
     Cru’s “My Everlovin'”

Diamond Life: (CBS 1985)
* “Hang on to Your Love”
     Nikki D’s “18 and Loves to Go”

Love Deluxe: (Epic 1993)
* “Cherish the Day”
     Ras Kass’s “Won't Catch Me Runnin'”
* “Like a Tattoo”
     AZ’s “Pay Back”

Sain, Oliver
The Main Man: (Abet ?)
* “On the Hill”
     David Hollister ft Slick Rick’s “The Weekend”
     DITC’s “Day One”
     Notorious BIG ft Jay-Z’s “Young G'z”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Take You There Interlude”
     Puff Daddy ft Notorious BIG & Jay-Z’s “Young G's”

Bus Stop: (Abet 1974)
* “Night Time”
     Ras Kass ft Rza’s “The End”

Salsoul Orchestra
The Salsoul Orchestra: (Salsoul 1975)
* “Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh I Love It)”
     Bentley Rhythm Ace’s “Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out”

single: (Salsoul 1982)
* “(Ooh I Love It) Love Break”
     50 Cent ft Olivia’s “Candy Shop”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Paid in Full”

Sam & Dave
Soul Men: (Stax 1966)
* “Let It Be Me”
     Quasimoto’s “Boom Music”

Hold On, I'm Coming: (Atlantic 1966)
* “Hold On, I'm Coming”
     Finesse & Synquis’s “Straight from the Soul”
     Phase N Rhythm’s “Swollen Pockets”

I Thank You: (Atlantic 1968)
* “I Thank You”
     Naughty by Nature’s “Clap Yo Hands”

Soul Sister Brown Sugar: (Platinum ?)
* “Soul Sister Brown Sugar”
     MOP’s “Ante Up”

Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs
?: (? ?)
* “Wooly Bully”
     Beatnuts’s “Intro to Street Level”

Samba Soul
single: (RCA 1977)
* “Mambo No. 5”
     Busy Bee’s “Old School”
     KMD’s “Hard Wit No Hoe”
     Lord Finesse’s “Yes You May”

Scales, Harvey
Hotfoot: A Funque Dizco Opera: (Casablanca 1979)
* “Dancing Room Only” (Drums)
     Beastie Boys’s “Shake Your Rump”
     Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life”

?: (? ?)
* “Sun Won't Come Out”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “The Sun Won't Come Out”

Scott, Freddie
* “(You) Got What I Need”
     Alkaholiks’s “Mary Jane”
     Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend”

Scott-Heron, Gil & Jackson, Brian
Pieces of a Man: (Flying Dutchman 1971)
* “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
     Masta Ace’s “Take a Look Around”
     Professor Griff’s “Real African People 'Rap' pt 2”
     Queen Latifah’s “The Evil That Men Do”
     Salt-N-Pepa’s “Whatta Man Luvbug Remix 1”
* “Pieces of a Man”
     KMD’s “What a Niggy Know”
* “Home is Where The Hatred Is”
     Kanye West ft Common’s “My Way Home”

Winter in America: (Strata East 1974)
* “The Bottle”
     De la Soul’s “Area”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Black is Black”
     Kenny Dope’s “Hittin the Bottle”
     Stop the Violence Movement’s “Self-Destruction”
* “Peace Go with You Brother”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time”
     Milkbone’s “Keep it Real”
* “H2O Gate Blues”
     Abstract Tribe Unique’s “The Scandal”
     Boogie Down Productions’s “Why is That?”
     KMD’s “Bananapeel Blues”

Midnight Band: The First Minute of a New Day: (Arista 1974)
* “Alluswe”
     Mike Zoot’s “Turn”
     Mike Zoot ft Royal Flush’s “Turn Pt. II”

From South Africa to South Carolina: (Arista 1975)
* “A Toast to the People”
     Smile Rays’s “A Toast”

It's Your World: (Arista 1976)
* “Bi Centinnial Blues”
     Warren G’s “The Blues. . .”

Bridges: (Arista 1977)
* “We Almost Lost Detroit”
     Black Star’s “Brown Skin Lady”
     Grand Puba’s “Come On”

Secrets: (Arista 1978)
* “Angel Dust”
     The Coup’s “Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Night”

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson 1980: (Arista 1980)
* “1980”
     Tupac’s “Ready 4 Whatever”

Real Eyes: (Arista 1980)
* “A Legend in his Own Mind”
     Mos Def’s “Mr. Nigga”
     Phife’s “Beats Rhymes & Phife”

?: (? ?)
* “Grandmas's Hands”
     J. Rawls’s “High Life”

Senay, Eddy
Step by Step: (Sussex 1972)
* “Cameo”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Act Like You Know”

Hot Thang: (Sussex 1972)
* “Reverend Lowdown”
     Kool G Rap’s “Home Sweet Home”

Senor Soul
?: (Double Shot ?)
* “Paquito Soul”
     Hard to Obtain’s “Heels without Souls Intro”

Sexton, Anne
single: (Sound Stage ?)
* “I'm His Wife, You're Just a Friend”
     GZA’s “Living in the World Today”

Shades of Brown
Shades of Brown: (Cadet 1973)
* “The Soil I Tilled for You” (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Excursions”
     Black Sheep’s “Have U.N.E. Pull?”
     Jean Jacques Perrey’s “E.V.A.”
     Parrapa the Rappa’s “Level Music”
     Super Cat’s “Ghetto Red Hot”

?: (? ?)
* “Girl I'm Coming”
     D-Nice’s “No, No, No”

Shadows in the Streets: (Elektra 1981)
* “Piece a Cake”
     Abstract Rude’s “Hip Hop Ryde”
     Cunninlynguists’s “Dirty Acres”

Uptown Festival: (Soul Train 1977)
* “High on Life”
     Extra Prolific’s “Go Back to School”

Friends: (Solar 1982)
* “A Night to Remember”
     Kris Kross’s “Tonite's tha Night”
* “I Don't want to Be the Last to Know”
     Blaque’s “Bring it Home to Me”

Let the Music Play: (Mirage 1984)
* “Let the Music Play”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Jazzy's Groove”

Shaw, Marlena
The Spice of Life: (Cadet 1969)
* “Woman of the Ghetto”
     Jeff Brown & 33 1/3’s “747 Party in the Sky”
     Lyrics Born’s “Always Fine Tuning”
     No ID’s “The Real Weight”
* “California Soul” (Drums)
     Automator’s “A Better Tomorrow”
     DJ Food’s “Dark Lady”
     DJ Shadow’s “Midnight in a Perfect World”
     Gang Starr’s “Check the Technique”
     Quasimoto’s “The Unseen”
     Wiseguys’s “The Sound You Hear”

Live at Montreux: (Blue Note 1973)
* “Woman of the Ghetto” (Live)
     Blueboy’s “Remember Me”
     People Under the Stairs’s “The Next Step II”
     St. Germain’s “Rose Rouge”

Sweet Beginnings: (Columbia 1977)
* “Look At Me, Look At You (We're Flying)”
     Johnson & Jonson’s “Look”

?: (? ?)
* “Yu-Ma”
     Avalanches’s “Two Hearts in 3/4 Time”

Sherrell, "Sweet" Charles
For Sweet People from Sweet Charles: (People 1973)
* “Soul Man”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Soul Brother #1”

Tonight's the Night: (Motown 1961)
* “Dedicated to the One I Love”
     DMX’s “Dogs Out”
     Jay-Z’s “Poppin' Tags”

Shotgun: (ABC 1977)
* “Shady Lady”
     C.E.B.’s “Goes Like This”

Showmen, Inc., The
single: (Now 1967)
* “The Tramp (From Funky Broadway) (Part 1)”
     DJ Logic’s “French Quarter”

Side Effect
Rainbow Visions: (Fantasy 1978)
* “She's A Lady”
     9th Wonder’s “Leaky Beat Tape”

Portraits: (Elektra 1981)
* “The Loneliest Man In Town”
     Mobb Deep ft 50 Cent & Mary J. Blige’s “It's Alright”

Siffre, Labi
Crying Laughing Loving Lying: (Pye 1972)
* “My Song”
     Kanye West’s “I Wonder”

Remember my Song: (EMI UK 1975)
* “I Got The”
     Beatnuts’s “Beatnuts Forever”
     Def Squad ft Jamal’s “Countdown”
     Eminem’s “My Name Is”
     Fabe’s “L'Impertinent”
     Foxxy Brown’s “Hot Spot”
     Frankenstein’s “Quiet Storm”
     Insane Clown Posse ft Twiztid’s “Slim Anus”
     Jay-Z’s “Street is Watching”
     MC Jean Gab 1’s “J'T Emmerde”
     Mooven's’s “C'est Une Question D'Etat”
     Noreaga’s “N.O.R.E.”
     Tiger Ranks’s “Party wit' Me”
     Wu-Tang Clan’s “Can it All Be So Simple”

Sigler, Bunny
I've Always Wanted to Sing: (Gold Mind 1979)
* “Half a Man”
     Brother Ali's’s “Room with a View”

Silhouettes, The
Conversations With. . .: (Segue 1969)
* “Fonky First”
     Pete Rock’s “#1 Soul Brother”
* “Conversations”
     Pete Rock’s “#1 Soul Brother”

Silver Convention
Save Me: (Midland Int 1975)
* “Fly Robin Fly”
     Redman & Method Man’s “How High”

Silver Convention: (Midland International 1976)
* “Heart of Stone”
     All City’s “Hot Joint”
     Kid Capri’s “Be Alright”
     The Coup’s “Cars and Shoes”
     Too $hort’s “Oakland Style”

Madhouse: (Midland International 1976)
* “Land of Make Believe”
     KRS One’s “The Only One”

Get up and Boogie: (Polydor 1976)
* “You've Turned Me On (But You Can't Turn Me Off)”
     Hilfiguz’s “Up On Prospect”

Simon, Joe
Drowning in the Sea of Love: (Spring 1970)
* “Drowning in the Sea of Love”
     Da Beatminerz ft Shadez of Brooklyn’s “Drama”
     Gang Starr’s “You Know My Steez”
     MC Breed’s “Sea of Bud”
* “If”
     Kenn Starr ft Talib Kweli & Asheru’s “If”
     Prozack Turner ft Brother Ali’s “World's an Uproar”

Cleopatra Jones soundtrack: (Warner Bros 1973)
* “Cleopatra Jones”
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “Growin' up in the 'Hood”

Mood Heart and Soul: (Polydor 1974)
* “Walking Down Lonely Street”
     Bumpy Knuckles’s “Stock in this Game”

Get Down: (Polydor 1975)
* “It Be's That Way Sometimes”
     Lil' Kim ft 50 Cent’s “Magic Stick”

Easy to Love: (Spring 1977)
* “Before the Night is Over”
     OutKast’s “So Fresh So Clean”

Simpson, Valerie
Valerie Simpson: (Tamla 1972)
* “Silly Wan't I?”
     50 Cent ft Olivia’s “Best Friend”
     Blumentopf’s “Smalltalk”
     Czar*Nok’s “A Time to See”
     Murs’s “Silly Girl”

Simtec & Wylie
Gettin over the Hump: (Mercury 1971)
* “Bootleggin'”
     Brand Nubian’s “Steady Bootleggin'”
     Depeche Mode’s “In Your Room”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Straighten it Out”

Sister Sledge
We are Family: (Cotillion 1979)
* “He's the Greatest Dancer”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “The House that Cee Built”
     Charles Hamilton’s “Coodies”
     Tony Touch ft Total’s “I Wonder Why? (He's the Greatest DJ)”
     Will Smith’s “Gettin' Jiggy wit' It”
* “We are Family”
     Unity 3’s “We are Family”
* “Easier to Love”
     Masta Ace ft Greg Nice’s “Don't Understand”

Skull Snaps
Skull Snaps: (GSF 1973)
* “It's a New Day” (Drums)
     Alanis Morissette’s “Still”
     Alkaholiks’s “Bullshit”
     Black Moon’s “Who Got the Props?”
     Blue Boy’s “Remember Me”
     Bulldog Breaks’s “It's a New School Day”
     Camp Lo’s “Cooley High”
     Cornershop’s “State Troopers (pt 1)”
     Craig Mack’s “Real Raw”
     Da King & I’s “Crack Da Weazel (Dat Other Shit)”
     Das EFX’s “East Coast”
     Das EFX’s “Mic Checka”
     Deee-Lite’s “I Won't Give Up”
     Diamond D’s “Sally Got a One Track Mind”
     Digable Planets’s “For Corners”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Twinkle Twinkle”
     DJ Shadow’s “What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt 3”
     DJ Spooky’s “Anansi Abstrakt”
     Dr. Octagon’s “A Visit to the Gynecologyst”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Step Back”
     Erick Sermon’s “Hittin' Switches”
     Erick Sermon’s “The Ill Shit”
     Gang Starr’s “Take it Personal”
     God Lives Underwater’s “Fly on the Windscreen”
     Gravediggaz’s “Mommy, What's a Gravedigga?”
     Guru’s “Choice of Weapons”
     Heavy D’s “It's a New Day”
     Hieroglyphics’s “All Things”
     Illegal’s “If U Want It”
     Illegal’s “Lights, Camera, Action”
     Kruder & Dorfmeister’s “Deep Shit pt. 1 & pt. 2”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Funky Child”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Keepers of the Funk”
     Luke Vibert’s “I Hear the Drummer”
     MadKap’s “Da Whole Kit & Kaboodle”
     MadKap’s “Irrelevant”
     MF Doom’s “Who You Think I Am?”
     Mr. Lif’s “New Man Theme”
     Naked Funk’s “Pearls of Compassion”
     Naughty by Nature’s “Knock 'Em out Da Box”
     Nikki D’s “Your Man is My Man”
     ODB’s “Hippa to da Hoppa”
     Onyx’s “Da Mad Face Invasion”
     Onyx’s “Getdafukout”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken?”
     Peanut Butter Wolf’s “I Will Always Love H.E.R.”
     Pharcyde’s “Passin' Me By”
     Prodigy’s “Poison”
     Public Enemy’s “How to Kill a Radio Consultant”
     Redman’s “Watch Yo Nuggets”
     Rob D’s “Clubbed to Death”
     Saafir’s “Grab the Train”
     Shadz of Lingo’s “Ill and Get Clowned”
     ShowBiz & A.G.’s “Silence of the Lambs”
     Stezo’s “It's My Turn”
     Tim Dog’s “I'll Wax Anybody”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “One, Two, One, Two”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Two Brothers with Checks”
     Vivienne McKone’s “Beware”
     Wascals’s “Hard Rhymes”
     Yaggfu Front’s “My Dick is So Large”
* “Trespassin'”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Fudge Pudge”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “If it Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right”
* “I Turned My Back on Love”
     Main Source’s “Just Hangin' Out”

Skyyway: (Salsoul 1980)
* “High”
     Too $hort’s “Short But Funky”

Skyyline: (Salsoul 1981)
* “Call Me”
     Comrads’s “Get at Me (Call Me)”
     Coolio ft The 40 Thevz’s “Dial a Jam”
     Too $hort ft Lil' Kim’s “Call Me”
* “Let's Celebrate”
     Nice & Smooth’s “Step by Step”

Slave: (Cotillion 1977)
* “Slide”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Go Ahead in the Rain”
     Brand Nubian’s “Brand Nubian”
     Cameo’s “Slyde”
     Professor Griff’s “Pawns in the Game”
     Public Enemy’s “Can't Truss It”
* “Son of Slide”
     Convicts’s “This is for the Convicts”
     DJ Magic Mike’s “I Ain't Finished Yet”
     Tone Loc’s “Next Episode”
* “Volcano Rupture” (Bass)
     Original Concept’s “Can U Feel It?”

Just a Touch of Love: (Cotillion 1979)
* “Just a Touch of Love”
     Das EFX’s “Shine”
     De la Soul’s “Keepin' the Faith”
     Isis’s “The Power of Myself is Moving”
     Keith Sweat’s “Just a Touch”
     Keith Sweat’s “Just a Touch”
     Kris Kross’s “Alright”
     Mariah Carey’s “I've Been Thinking about You”
     Salt-N-Pepa’s “Champaign”

Stone Jam: (Cotillion 1980)
* “Watchin' You”
     Black Flames’s “Watching You”
     EPMD’s “Never Seen Before”
     Famous Flames’s “Watchin' You”
     Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice”

Sledge, Percy
?: (? ?)
* “Stand by Me”
     De la Soul’s “Take it Off”

Sly & the Family Stone (Stone, Sly)
A Whole New Thing: (Epic 1967)
* “Underdog”
     Cypress Hill’s “Real Estate”
     Public Enemy’s “Fear of a Black Planet”
* “Turn Me Loose”
     Public Enemy’s “Power to the People”
* “Trip to Your Heart”
     LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”
* “That Kind of Person”
     Foreign Legion’s “Underground”
* “Advice”
     Ice Cube’s “AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted”

Dance to the Music: (Epic 1968)
* “Dance to the Music”
     Beastie Boys’s “Egg Man”
     Beastie Boys’s “Finger Lickin' Good”
     Dan the Automator’s “Music to be Murdered By”
     JAMS’s “Burn the Bastards”
     NWA’s “Something to Dance To”
     Queen Latifah’s “Dance to the Music”
* “I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)”
     Stereo MCs’s “Ain't Got Nobody”
* “Color Me True”
     Stereo MCs’s “Life on the Line”

Life: (Epic 1968)
* “Into My Own Thing”
     Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice”
* “M'Lady”
     Tony, Toni, Tone’s “My Ex-Girlfriend”
* “Life”
     Beck’s “Sissyneck”
     Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Brain”

Stand: (Epic 1969)
* “Sing a Simple Song” (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Jazz (We've Got)”
     Aaron Hall’s “Don't Be Afraid”
     Adina Howard’s “A Freak Like Me”
     ADL’s “Daddy”
     Ahmad’s “Can I Party?”
     Akinyele’s “Bags Packed”
     Alanis Morissette’s “Thank U”
     Alexander O'Neal’s “Love Makes No Sense”
     Alkaholiks’s “Make Room”
     Another Bad Creation’s “At the Playground”
     Arrested Development’s “Mr. Wendal”
     Big Punisher ft Fat Joe’s “Twinz (Deep Cover '98)”
     Boss’s “Drive By”
     BT & Harmony’s “Down 4 My Thing”
     BWP’s “Cotex”
     BWP’s “Shit Popper”
     Chubb Rock’s “Lost in the Storm”
     College Boyz’s “Underground Blues”
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “I Don't Dance”
     Craig Mack’s “That Y'all”
     Cree Summer’s “Miss Moon”
     Cypress Hill’s “Latin Lingo”
     Da King & I’s “Krak Da Weazel”
     Da Lench Mob’s “Buck tha Devil”
     Das EFX’s “Hard Like a Criminal”
     Das EFX’s “Mic Checka”
     De la Soul’s “Eye Know”
     Del’s “Worldwide”
     Diamond D’s “Check 1, 2”
     Digital Underground’s “Return of the Crazy One”
     Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance”
     Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance Awards”
     Domino’s “Getto Jam”
     Domino’s “Long Beach Thing”
     Domino’s “Sweet Potato Pie”
     Dr. Dre’s “Deep Cover”
     E-40’s “Hide n Seek”
     E-40’s “Nuttin' A-s Nigga”
     Eazy-E’s “Eazy-Duz-It”
     Eazy-E’s “It's On”
     Ed OG’s “Skinny Dip”
     Erick Sermon’s “Stay Real”
     Fu-Schnickens’s “Props”
     Fu-Schnickens’s “Sneekin' up on Ya”
     Gold Money’s “Nothin'”
     Gorillaz’s “192000”
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s “Kid Named Flash”
     Group Home’s “Supa Star”
     Heather B’s “All Glocks Down”
     Ice Cube’s “Gangsta's Fairy Tale 2”
     Ice Cube’s “Jackin' for Beats”
     Ice Cube’s “Really Doe”
     Ice Cube’s “Who's the Mack?”
     Ice T’s “Ricochet”
     Insane Poetry’s “How Ya Gonna Reason with a Psycho”
     Jodeci’s “You Got It”
     Joe Public’s “Live and Learn”
     Jungle Brothers’s “For the Heads at Company B”
     Jungle Brothers’s “J. Beez Comin' Through”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Simple As That”
     KAM’s “Ain't That a Bitch”
     KAM’s “Holiday Madness”
     KAM’s “Pull Your Hoe Card”
     KAM’s “Stereotype”
     Kris Kross’s “Can't Stop the Bumrush”
     KRS-One’s “Sound of da Police”
     Lil' Shawn’s “I Made Love (4 the Very First Time)”
     LL Cool J’s “How I'm Comin'”
     LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”
     Lo-Key’s “Attention: the Showanda Story”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Here Comes the Lords”
     MadKap’s “Check it Out”
     Marky Mark’s “You Gotta Believe”
     Mary J. Blige’s “Love is All We Need”
     Me Phi Me’s “Put Sho' Hands Together”
     Mellow Man Ace’s “Me La Pelas”
     Michael Jackson’s “They Don't Care about Us”
     Monk & Canatella’s “Rough Head”
     Naughty by Nature’s “Ready for Dem”
     Oaktown 3-5-7’s “It's Not Your Money”
     ODB’s “Hippa to da Hoppa”
     Papa Chuk’s “Trunk of Funk”
     Paris’s “Check it out ch'all”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Anger in the Nation”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “For Pete's Sake”
     Pharcyde’s “I'm That Type of Nigga”
     Public Enemy’s “Brothers Gonna Work it Out”
     Public Enemy’s “Can't Truss It”
     Public Enemy’s “Get the Fuck out of Dodge”
     Public Enemy’s “Livin' in a Zoo”
     Public Enemy’s “Party for Your Right to Fight”
     Queen Mother Rage’s “Key Testimony”
     Ra-Jahnee’s “Turn it Up”
     Redman’s “Blow Your Mind”
     Redman’s “So Ruff”
     Redman’s “Time 4 Sum Aksion”
     Rondo & Crazy Rak’s “Bacon & Grits”
     Rumpletilskinz’s “Sweet Therapy”
     Rumpletilskinz’s “Theramixx”
     Run-DMC’s “In the House”
     Sade’s “Cherrish the Day”
     Salt-N-Pepa’s “Somma Time Man”
     Scarface’s “Your Ass Got Took”
     Schoolly D’s “Dis Groove is Bad”
     ShowBiz & A.G.’s “Represent”
     Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “The Jack Back”
     Skoolbeats’s “Sly”
     Soul II Soul’s “Nuff Love”
     Spice Girls’s “If U Can't Dance”
     Stereo MCs’s “The Other Side”
     Stetsasonic’s “It's in My Song”
     Stezo’s “Gets into His Move”
     Terminator X’s “Back to the Scene of the Crime”
     TLC’s “Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg”
     TLC’s “Hat 2 Da Back”
     TLC’s “What about Your Friends?”
     Tupac’s “Peep Game”
     Tupac’s “Souljah's Revenge”
     Tupac’s “Temptations”
     Tupac’s “Young Niggaz”
     UTFO’s “Rough and Rugged”
     WC & the Maad Circle’s “Behind Closed Doors”
     West Street Mob’s “Sing A Simple Song”
     Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)”
     X-Clan’s “Funk Liberation”
     Yaggfu Front’s “?”
     Yo-Yo’s “Mackstress”
* “I Want to Take You Higher”
     De la Soul’s “A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays'”
     De la Soul’s “Ladies Nite Decision”
     DOC’s “Mind Blowin'”
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s “Magic Carpet Ride”
     Schoolly D’s “Dis Groove is Bad”
     Tina Turner’s “I Wanna Take You Higher”
* “Everyday People”
     Aretha Franklin’s “Everyday People”
     Arrested Development’s “Everyday People”
     Joan Jett & the Blackhearts’s “Everyday People”
* “You Can Make it if You Try” (Drums)
     7A3’s “Coolin' in Cali”
     Bomb the Bass’s “Megablast”
     BWP’s “Fuck a Man”
     Diamond D’s “What You Seek”
     DJ Quik’s “Niggaz Still Trippin'”
     DJ Shadow’s “Basic Mega-Mix”
     Force of Power’s “The Force of Power”
     Ice Cube’s “The Product”
     Ice Cube’s “True to the Game”
     Ice Cube’s “Wicked”
     Ice T’s “New Jack Hustler”
     Insane Poetry’s “Grim Reality”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Because I Got it Like That”
     King Sun’s “Be Black”
     King Sun’s “Stunts”
     King T’s “Take You Home”
     Lifer's Group’s “Jack U. Back (So You Wanna Be a Gangsta)”
     Mad Flava’s “Wax on tha Belt (Baby G Gets Biz)”
     Mobb Deep’s “Hit it from the Back”
     Poetess’s “Forward Bound”
     Powerule’s “Gots to Get This”
     Prince Johnny C’s “Me and Baby Brother”
     Public Enemy’s “Night of the Living Baseheads”
     Queen Latifah’s “Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children”
     Rumpletilskinz’s “I-N-I”
     Schoolly D’s “Mr. Big Dick”
     Schoolly D’s “This is It (Ain't Gonna Rain)”
     Stetsasonic’s “Talkin' All That Jazz”
     Tony, Toni, Tone’s “In the. . .”
     Tupac’s “Troublesome”
     Two Kings in a Cipher’s “Movin' on 'Em”
     X-Clan’s “Xodus”
     Yo-Yo’s “You Can't Play with My Yo-Yo”
* “Stand”
     3XDope’s “Believe Dat”
     7A3’s “Coolin' in Cali”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Rap Promoter”
     Kool Moe Dee’s “Rise 'N' Shine”
     Professor Griff’s “Last Asiatic Disciples”
     Public Enemy’s “Who Stole the Soul?”
     Scarface’s “The Diary”
     Sounds of Blackness’s “Stand”
* “Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey”
     Geto Boys’s “Punk Bitch Game”
     Ice Cube’s “Horny Lil' Devil”
     Ice T ft Jane's Addiction’s “Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey”
     KAM’s “Stereotype”
     MOP’s “G-Building”
     Schoolly D’s “Don't Call Me Nigger”
* “Sex Machine”
     Beastie Boys’s “Sex Machine”

Greatest Hits: (Epic 1970)
* “Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” (Intro)
     7A3’s “Coolin' in Cali”
     Age of Chance’s “This is Crush Collision”
     Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation”
     MC Shan’s “Got to Be Funky”
     Schoolly D’s “Cold Housin the Joint”
     Together Brothers’s “Thank You (For Your Support)”
* “Hot Fun in the Summertime”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Sunshine”

There's a Riot Goin' On: (Epic 1971)
* “Luv 'N' Haight”
     Ten Tray’s “Madness”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Go for Yours”
* “Poet”
     Beastie Boys’s “3-Minute Rule”
     De la Soul’s “Description”
     Def Jef’s “A Poet's Prelude”
* “Family Affair”
     Black Eyed Peas ft Esthero’s “Weekends”
     Digital Underground’s “Family of the Underground”
     Janet Jackson’s “On and On”
     Kid Frost’s “Family Affair”
     Madonna’s “Family Affair”
     Shabba Ranks’s “Family Affair”
* “Africa Talks to You (The Asphalt Jungle)”
     Beastie Boys’s “?”
* “Brave & Strong”
     Beastie Boys’s “3-Minute Rule”
* “(You Caught Me) Smilin”
     Funkdoobiest’s “It Ain't Going Down”
     JCD and the Dawg lb’s “They Like it Like We Do”
     Justin Warfield’s “Season of the Vic”
     Two Kings in a Cipher’s “So What I Can't Dance”
* “Thank You for Takin' to Me Africa”
     Blade’s “The Lion Goes from Strength to Strength”
     Public Enemy’s “Air Hoodlum”
     Red Hot Chili Peppers’s “Thank You for. . .?”
     Two Kings in a Cipher’s “TKO'n”
     WC & the Maad Circle’s “Out on a Furlough”
* “Running Away”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Description of a Fool”

Fresh: (Epic 1973)
* “If You Want Me to Stay”
     Above the Law’s “Commercial”
     BBD’s “She's Dope”
     Dana Dane’s “Tales from the Dane Side”
     DOC’s “Comm 2”
     Red Hot Chili Peppers’s “If You Want Me to Stay”
     Warren G’s “Reality”
* “In Time”
     J-88’s “Stupid Ass Lies”
     Maceo Parker ft Fred Wesley, Pee-Wee, & Bootsy Collins’s “In Time”
     Missy Elliot’s “X-tasy”
* “Thankful & Thoughtful”
     PM Dawn’s “Comatose”

Small Talk: (Epic 1974)
* “Loose Booty”
     BBD’s “Ghetto Booty”
     Beastie Boys’s “Shadrach”
     Fu-Schnickens’s “True Fu-Schnick”
     Larry Larr’s “Jazz it Up”
     MC Lyte’s “K-Rocks the House”

High on You: (Epic 1975)
* “Who Do You Love?”
     Me'Shell N'degeOcello’s “If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)”
* “Crossword Puzzle”
     De la Soul’s “Say No Go”

High Energy: (CBS 1975)
* “That Kind of Person”
     Foreign Legion’s “Underground”

Back on the Right Track: (Warner Bros 1979)
* “Remember Who You Are”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “After Hours”
     Poor Righteous Teachers’s “Each One Teach One”

Recorded in San Francisco: 1964-1967: (? ?)
* “Rock Dirge”
     Meat Beat Manifesto’s “I Got the Fear (Pt II)”

?: (? ?)
* “Fortune & Fame”
     Penthouse Players Clique’s “Checkmate”

Sly and Robbie
Rhythm Killers: (Island 1987)
* “Boops”
     Boogie Down Productions’s “The Bridge is Over”
     Shabba Ranks ft KRS-One’s “The Jam”

Smith, Frankie
Double Dutch Bus: (WMOT 1980)
* “Double Dutch Bus”
     AMG’s “The Booty Up”
     Bomb the Bass’s “Beat Dis (Extended Mix)”
     Mad Flava’s “Get tha Funk Up”
     Missy Elliot’s “Work It”
     Pumpkin’s “Now Here Comes the Beat”
     Snoop Dogg’s “Snoop Dog (What's My Name Pt. II)”

Smith, O.C.
The Dynamic: (Columbia 1966)
* “You Can See Forever”
     KMD’s “Peachfuzz”
     Nice & Smooth’s “Return of the Hip-Hop Freaks”

For Once in My Life: (Columbia 1969)
* “I Ain't the Worrying Kind”
     ShowBiz & A.G.’s “Hard to Kill”

La La Peace Song: (CBS 1974)
* “Don't Misunderstand”
     Channel Live’s “Sex for the Sport”

Soul Children, The
Hold on I'm Comin': (Stax 1972)
* “Don't Take My Kindness for Weakness”
     RZA’s “Wu-Wear”

Soul Children: (Stax 1973)
* “Finish Me Off”
     Inspectah Deck’s “Lovin You”
* “Move Over”
     AZ’s “The Truth”
     Nas’s “On the Real”

12" remix: (Salsoul 1982)
* “Love Break (Ooh I Love It)”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Paid in Full”

?: (? ?)
* “Hold on I'm Coming”
     Public Enemy’s “Death of a Carjacka”

Soul II Soul
Keep on Movin': (Virgin 1989)
* “Back to Life” (Vocals)
     Above the Law’s “Play Your Game”
     Da Lench Mob’s “Buck tha Devil”
     DJ/Rupture’s “In Front of You”
     Goats’s “Typical American”
     Jay-Z’s “In My Lifetime”
     Keith Murray’s “Sychosymatic”
     King T’s “E Get Swift”
     Monte Luv & DJ Rob’s “Silk Smooth”
     Poor Righteous Teachers’s “Time to Say Peace”
     Professor Griff’s “Last Asiatic Disciples”

Vol. 2 - 1990 a New Decade: (Virgin 1990)
* “Get a Life”
     Jay-Z’s “In My Lifetime”
     Nas’s “Silent Murder”

Soul Mann and the Brothers
Shaft: (Brunswick ?)
* “Bumpy's Lament”
     Dr. Dre ft Kurupt and & Nate Dogg’s “Xxplosive”
     Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady”
     Jay-Z’s “Heart of the City”

Soul Searchers
Salt of the Earth: (Sussex 1974)
* “Blow Your Whistle”
     Def Jef’s “Droppin' Rhymes on Drums”
     Public Enemy’s “Who Stole the Soul?”
* “Funk to the Folks”
     Ice Cube’s “The Bomb”
     Kid 'N Play’s “Brother Man Get Hip”
* “Ashley's Roachclip” (Horns Drums)
     2 Live Crew’s “Ghetto Bass II”
     3rd Bass’s “Oval Office”
     Antoinette’s “Unfinished Business”
     Antoinette’s “Watch the Gangstress Boogie”
     Black Rock & Ron’s “Out of My Head”
     Conscious Daughters’s “Princess of Poetry”
     Cutty Ranks’s “The Stopper”
     DJ Mark the 45 King’s “Roach Clip”
     Eazy-E’s “Gimme That Nutt”
     EMF’s “Unbelievable”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “I Know You Got Soul”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Paid in Full”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Paid in Full”
     Fear of a Black Planet’s “I'm Just a Human”
     Frost’s “Family Affair”
     Get the Fist Movement’s “Get the Fist”
     Geto Boys’s “Scarface”
     Ice Cube’s “Jackin' for Beats”
     Insane Poetry’s “Angel of Death”
     Kris Kross’s “Methods of Dropping Mental”
     LL Cool J’s “Jack the Ripper”
     Masters at Work’s “Jus' a Lil' Dope”
     Mekon’s “Phatty's Lunch Box”
     Milli Vanilli’s “All or Nothing”
     Milli Vanilli’s “Blame it on the Rain”
     Milli Vanilli’s “Girl You Know It's True”
     Moby’s “First Cool Hive”
     Nice & Smooth’s “Down the Line”
     PM Dawn’s “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”
     Raw Fusion’s “Hang Time”
     Run-DMC’s “Run's House”
     S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.’s “It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day”
     Scarface’s “Mr. Scarface Pt 3 - The Final Chapter - He's Dead”
     Style’s “Just a Little Something”
     Sweet T’s “I Got the Feelin”
     The Grouch’s “Too Much On It”
     Twin Hype’s “Nothin' Could Save Ya”
* “We Share”
     Tupac’s “Old School”

Soul Stoppers Band
?: (? ?)
* “Boilin' Water”
     US3’s “Nowadays”

Soul Survivors
Expressway to Your Heart: (Crimson 1967)
* “Expressway to Your Heart”
     King T’s “Do Your Thing”

Soul Survivors: (TSOP Records 1974)
* “City of Brotherly Love”
     50 Cent’s “Not Rich, Still Tryin”

Soulful Strings
Groovin' with the Soulful Strings: (Cadet 1967)
* “Groovin'”
     Positive K’s “Ain't No Crime”

Sound Experience
Don't Fight the Feeling: (Soulsville 1974)
* “Devil with the Bus”
     Convicts’s “1-900-Dial a Crook”
     Geto Boys’s “Fuck a War”
     Public Enemy’s “911 is a Joke”

Southside Movement
Southside Movement: (Wand 1973)
* “I've Been Watching You”
     Beastie Boys’s “So What'cha Want”
     Brotha Lynch Hung’s “24 Deep”
     Cormega’s “American Beauty”
     Dre Dog’s “Smoke Dope and Rap”
     Hieroglyphics’s “At the Helm”
     Jadakiss ft Nas’s “Show Discipline”
     MC Breed’s “Game for Life”
     PMD’s “I Saw it Cummin'”
     Scarface’s “PD Roll 'Em”

Movin!: (Wand 1974)
* “Save the World”
     Beastie Boys’s “Stop That Train”
     Beck’s “Fuckin' with My Head (Mountain Dew Rock)”
     Beck’s “Sweet Sunshine”
     DJ Spooky’s “Anansi Abstrakt”
     Forest for the Trees’s “Green Light Street”
     Vanilla Ice’s “Stop That Train”

?: (? ?)
* “Love is for Fools”
     Kool G Rap’s “It's a Shame”

Mighty Love: (Atlantic 1974)
* “Ain't No Price on Happiness”
     MF Doom’s “Go with the Flow”

It's a Shame: (Pickwick 1975)
* “It's a Shame”
     Monie Love’s “It's a Shame”
     Toddy Tee’s “Just Say No”
* “Together We Make Such Sweet Music”
     Public Enemy’s “Contract on the World Love Jam”

Spinners: (Atlantic 1977)
* “I'll Be Around”
     Michie Mee’s “Covergirl”
     Nine’s “Any Emcee”
     Rappin' 4-Tay’s “I'll Be Around”
     What is This’s “I'll Be Around”
* “Could it Be I'm Falling in Love?”
     Candyman’s “Melt in Your Mouth”
     David Grant & Jaki Graham’s “Could it Be I'm Falling in Love?”

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: (Atlantic 1977)
* “I Found Love”
     Musiq’s “Soul Star”
     Next’s “Brand New”
* “I Must Be Living For A Broken Heart”
     GZA’s “Knock, Knock”

8: (Atlantic 1977)
* “I'm Tired of Giving”
     Mobb Deep’s “Up North Trip”

Staple Singers
Be Altitude: Respect Yourself: (Stax 1972)
* “I'll Take You There”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “DJs Get No Credit”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “I'll Take You There”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Word to the Mother (Land)”
     Caveman’s “Troglodyte History”
     Eazy-E’s “Boyz-N-the-Hood”
     Ice Cube’s “Givin' up the Nappy Dug Out”
     Kwame’s “The Mic is Mine”
     Kwame’s “The Rhythm”
     Lord Finesse’s “Save That Shit”
     Naughty by Nature’s “Ghetto Bastard”
     Rebel MC’s “Just Keep Rockin'”
     Salt-N-Pepa’s “Let's Talk about Sex”
     Shanice’s “I Like”
     Steady B’s “Analogy of a Black”
     Tairrie B’s “Swingin' wit 'T'”

Let's Do it Again: (Curtom 1975)
* “Let's Do it Again”
     Ahmad’s “Back in the Day”
     Blackgirl’s “Let's Do it Again”
     Disturbing tha Peace’s “Let's Do it Again”
     En Vogue’s “Number One Man”
     FLER’s “Playboy”
     Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day”
     John Legend’s “Number One”
     Poison Clan’s “Check out the Ave”
     Xscape’s “Just Kickin It”

Staples, Mavis
Only for the Lonely: (Stax 1970)
* “You Send Me”
     9th Wonder & Buckshot’s “Just Display”

Starr, Edwin
25 Miles: (Gordy 1969)
* “25 Miles”
     Cookie Crew’s “Got to Keep On”

Involved: (Tamla 1971)
* “War”
     Beastie Boys’s “Hey Ladies”
* “Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On”
     Cypress Hill’s “Latin Lingo”

Hell up in Harlem soundtrack: (Tamla 1974)
* “Easin' In”
     Digable Planets’s “Nickel Bags”
     Dilated Peoples’s “Global Dynamics”
     DITC ft Muro’s “Lyrical Tyrants”
     DMX’s “Crime Story”
     Get Low Playaz’s “Crooked 2 the Game”
     Ice T’s “High Rollers”
     People Under the Stairs’s “The Suite for Beaver pt. 2”
     Queen Mother Rage’s “Slippin' into Darkness”
     Tone Loc’s “Loc'ed after Dark”

Edwin Starr: (GTO 1977)
* “Not Having You”
     Cash Crew’s “Turn it Out”
* “Everybody Needs Love”
     Fatboy Slim’s “Everybody Needs a 303”
* “I Just Wanna Do My Thing”
     Bronx Dogs’s “Tribute to Jazzy Jay”

Stevens, Morton
Hawaii Five-O soundtrack: (Capitol 1969)
* “The Long Wait”
     Fat Joe’s “Flow Joe”

Stewart, Billy
I Do Love You: (Chess 1965)
* “Sitting in the Park”
     Slick Rick’s “Sittin' in My Car”

Unbelievable: (Chess 1966)
* “Summertime”
     2 Live Crew’s “Pop That Pussy”
     Gang Starr’s “DJ Premier in Deep Concentration”
     Herbalizer’s “Battle of Bongo Hill”
     Public Enemy’s “Contract on the World Love Jam”

Striplin, Sylvia
Give Me Your Love: (Uno Melodic 1980)
* “You Can't Turn Me Away”
     Assorted Phlavors ft Big Daddy Kane’s “Make up Your Mind”
     Backstreet Boys’s “If You Stay”
     Grand Oral Disceminator’s “That's How it Is”
     Junior MAFIA’s “Get Money”
     Naughty by Nature’s “Hip Hop Hooray”
* “Give Me Your Love”
     Armand Van Helden ft Common’s “Full Moon”
     Madd Rapper ft Ma$e & Tracey Lee’s “That's What's Happenin'”

Stylistics, The
The Stylistics: (Avco 1971)
* “People Make the World Go Round”
     AZ’s “Sugarhill”
     EPMD’s “Get the Bozack”
     EPMD’s “It Wasn't Me, It was the Fame”
     Heather B’s “All Glocks Down”
     Poetess’s “Simply Poetry”
     Poison Clan’s “Fugitive”
     Rondo & Crazy Rak’s “Bacon & Grits”
     Roni Size’s “Ballet Dance”
     Westside Connection’s “Gangsters Make the World Go Round”
* “You are Everything”
     Deborah Cox’s “Things Just Ain't the Same”
     Mary J. Blige’s “Everything”
     Poison Clan’s “In My Nature”
* “Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)”
     Jean Grae’s “Love Song”
* “You're a Big Girl Now”
     Ghostface Killah’s “Big Girl”
     Nas’s “Big Girl”

Round 2: (Avco 1972)
* “You and Me”
     Jay-Z and Ja Rule’s “That Gangsta Shit”
* “Pieces”
     Prodigy ft Big Noyd’s “The Grimy Way”

Let's Put it All Together: (Avco 1974)
* “Love is the Answer”
     Camp Lo’s “Black Connection”

Wonder Woman: (H&L 1977)
* “Lucky Me”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Hip Hop Icon (Alchemist)”

Sun & Soul: (H&L 1977)
* “I Plead Guilty”
     9th Wonder & Buckshot’s “One For You (Big Lou)”

Love Spell: (Mercury 1979)
* “One Night Affair”
     Little Brother ft Joe Scudda’s “Lovin' It”

Hurry up this Way Again: (Philadelphia International 1980)
* “Hurry up this Way Again”
     Jay-Z’s “Politics as Usual”

Summer, Donna
Love to Love You Baby: (Casablanca 1975)
* “Love to Love You Baby”
     Digital Underground’s “Freaks of the Industry”
     Dr. Dre ft L L Cool J’s “Zoom”
     TLC’s “I'm Good at Being Bad”

Once Upon a Time: (? 1978)
* “Once Upon a Time”
     Royce the 5'9"’s “Somethings Wrong With Him”

Donna Summer: (Geffen 1982)
* “(If It) Hurts Just a Little”
     Cassius’s “Cassius '99”

?: (Capitol ?)
* “Conscience”
     DJ Quik’s “Get at Me”

Sunbear: (Soul Train Recording Co. 1977)
* “Let Love Flow for Peace”
     Ed O.G’s “Questions”
     Eulorhythmics’s “A Message to the Young Black Male”

Meet the Supremes: (Motown 1961)
* “I Want a Guy”
     Mobb Deep’s “Perfect Plot”

A' Go Go: (Motown 1967)
* “You Can't Hurry Love”
     Icey Jay’s “It's a Girl Thing”

Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland: (Motown 1967)
* “You're Gone But Always in My Heart”
     50 Cent ft MOP’s “When Death Becomes You”

single: (Motown 1967)
* “The Happening”
     M.O.P’s “Live from Ground Zero”

Love Child: (Motown 1968)
* “Love Child” (Motown 1968)
     Janet Jackson’s “You Want This”
     Public Enemy’s “Anti-Nigger Machine”

Greatest Hits Vol 3: (Motown 1969)
* “Someday We'll Be Together”
     Janet Jackson’s “If”

New Ways but Love Stays: (Motown 1970)
* “It's Time to Breakdown”
     Gang Starr’s “JFK 2 LAX”

Right On: (Motown 1970)
* “Baby Baby”
     Ras Kass ft Crooked I, Spider Loc & 40 Glocc’s “We Run the Streets”

?: (? ?)
* “Stop in the Name of Love”
     Double D & Steinski’s “Lesson 1”
* “My World is Empty without You”
     MC Lyte’s “Poor Georgie”

Sure!, Al B
In Effect Mode: (Warner Bros 1988)
* “Nite & Day”
     LL Cool J’s “Loungin'”
     PM Dawn’s “Sometimes I Miss You So Much”
     Slum Village’s “Climax (Girl Shit)”

Surface: (Columbia 1987)
* “Happy”
     Kool G Rap ft Nas’s “Fast Life”
     Krazybone’s “Paper”
     Twinz’s “Good Times”

Sweet Inspirations
Estell, Myrna, & Sylvia: (Stax 1968)
* “You Roam When You Don't Get it at Home”
     Ghostface Killah’s “One”
* “Why Marry”
     Copywrite’s “Enterlude”
     Raekwon’s “Criminology”
* “Wishes and Dishes”
     Sunz of Man’s “For the Lust of Money/Grandz”

Sybil: (Next Plateau 1989)
* “Don't Make Me Over”
     Caron Wheeler’s “I Adore You”

Sylvers, Foster
Foster Sylvers: (MGM 1973)
* “Misdemeanor”
     Aaliyah’s “Back & Forth”
     Afrika Bambaataa’s “Death Mix”
     Beat Junkies’s “They Don't Understand”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Get Bizzy”
     DOC’s “It's Funky Enough”
     DOC’s “Return of the Living Dead”
     DOC’s “Return of the Living Dead (Erotic-D Remix)”
     Heavy D’s “Spend a Little Time on Top”
     Jigmastas ft Black Star, & Pharoahe Monch’s “Lyrical Fluctuation 2000”
     Lifer's Group’s “Jack U. Back (So You Wanna Be a Gangsta)”
     Masta Ace’s “Don't Fuck Around (Outro)”
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley’s “Listen to the Rhyme”
     Shyne’s “That's Gangsta”
     SWV’s “Gettin' Funky”

Sylvers, The
The Sylvers: (Pride 1972)
* “I Wish I Could Talk to You”
     Ghostface Killah’s “Mighty Healthy”
     RJD2’s “Here's What's Left”
     RJD2’s “June (Remix)”
* “Fool's Paradise”
     Encore ft Grand’s “Considadis”
* “How Love Hurts”
     Family Tree’s “Family Ties”

The Sylvers II: (Pride 1973)
* “Through the Love in My Heart”
     50 Cent’s “Emotional”
* “Stay Away From Me”
     Dyme Def’s “Get Down”

New Horizons: (Pride 1977)
* “New Horizons”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Hot 4 You”

?: (? ?)
* “I Know Myself”
     Cash Crew’s “Afropean Interlude”

Living Proof: (Fantasy 1976)
* “You Make Me Feel”
     Byron Stingily’s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”

Step II: (Honey/Fantasy 1978)
* “Was it Something I Said”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Taste of Chocolate (Intro)”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Taste of Chocolate (Outro)”
     Lil' Kim’s “Big Momma Thang”
     Yvette Michelle’s “I'm not Feelin' You”

?: (? ?)
* “Bumpy's Lament”
     Lil' Kim’s “Drugs”
* “Do Ya Wanna Funk”
     Utah Saints’s “My Mind Must Be Free”

Pillow Talk: (Vibration 1973)
* “Pillow Talk”
     Prophetix’s “Gravitatin'”

single: (Vibration 1975)
* “Pussy Cat”
     Boogie Down Productions’s “Why is That?”

Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta: (Motown 1974)
* “I'm Goin' Left”
     Masta Ace’s “Keep Your Eyes On The Prize”

Don't Disturb this Groove: (Mirage 1987)
* “Don't Disturb this Groove”
     Cru’s “Pay Attention”
     Tupac ft the Outlawz’s “Lost Souls”
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