By Letter:

C J & Co.
Devil's Gun: (Westbound 1977)
* “We Got Our Own Thing”
     Heavy D’s “We Got Our Own Thang”
* “Devil's Gun”
     Redman ft Missy Elliot’s “Dat Bitch”

Caldwell, Bobby
Bobby Caldwell: (Glades 1978)
* “My Flame”
     Notorious BIG ft 112’s “Sky's the Limit”
* “What You Won't Do for Love”
     Aaliyah’s “Age Ain't Nothin' but a Number”
     Esham’s “24/7”
     Expression Direkt’s “C'est La Vie”
     Goldmine’s “Mic Love”
     Guru’s “Something in the Past”
     Kool G Rap’s “Blowin' up in the World”
     Luniz’s “Playa Hata”
     Master P’s “If I Could Change”
     Tatyana Ali’s “Boy You Knock Me Out”
     Tupac’s “Due for Love”
     Tupac’s “Heaven Ain't Hard to Find”
     Young Zee’s “Everybody Get High”

Cat in the Hat: (Clouds 1982)
* “Open Your Eyes”
     Common’s “The Light”
     Encore’s “My Way Home”

Cardiac Arrest: (Casablanca 1977)
* “Rigor Mortis”
     Brand Nubian’s “Brand Nubian”
     DJ Quik’s “Get at Me”
     Heavy D’s “Big Tyme”
     Ill Al Skratch’s “Yo Love”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Feelin' Alright”
     Poison Clan’s “Fire up the Funk”
* “Funk Funk”
     CPO’s “The Wall”
     Too $hort’s “In the Trunk”

We All Know Who We Are: (Casablanca 1977)
* “Why Have I Lost You?”
     Above the Law’s “Ballin'”

Ugly Ego: (Casablanca 1978)
* “The Two of Us”
     Tupac’s “I Wonder if Heaven's Got a Ghetto”

Secret Omen: (Casablanca 1979)
* “I Just Want to Be”
     DJ Quik’s “Quik is the Name”
* “Sparkle”
     Tupac ft Treach and Riddler’s “Loyal to the Game”

Cameosis: (Casablanca 1980)
* “Shake Your Pants”
     Beastie Boys’s “Hey Ladies”
     Boyz II Men’s “Can't Let Her Go”
* “Why Have I Lost You”
     Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Blaze It”

She's Strange: (Polygram 1984)
* “Hangin' Downtown”
     Group Home’s “Supa Star”
* “Strange”
     Boogiemonsters’s “Strange”
     Nate Dogg ft Barbara Wilson’s “She's Strange”
     Tupac’s “Young Niggaz”

single: (Casablanca 1985)
* “Single Life”
     Lil' Kim ft Lil' Cease’s “Good Time”

Word Up: (Atlantic Artists 1986)
* “Word Up”
     Chunky A’s “Your Love Makes Me Say Oww!”
     Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove”
* “Candy”
     Ben B Hard’s “Candy”
     Cameo’s “Honey”
     Eightball & MJG’s “Just Like Candy”
     Mariah Carey ft Cameo’s “Loverboy”
     Tupac ft Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Dru Down’s “All about U”
* “Back & Forth”
     Fu-Schnickens’s “Movie Scene”
     Snoop Dogg’s “Snoop Dogg”
     Wu-Tang Clan’s “Gravel Pit”

Camillo, Tony
?: (? ?)
* “Dynomite”
     Len’s “Cryptik Souls Crew”

Captain Sky
The Adventures of Captain Sky: (UVI 1979)
* “Super Sporm” (Vocals Drums)
     Boogie Down Productions’s “Super Hoe”
     Boogie Down Productions’s “You Must Learn”
     De la Soul’s “Super MC”
     Public Enemy’s “You're Gonna Get Yours”
     Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop”
     Yvette Michelle’s “DJ Keep Playin'”

Carbo, Chuck
single: (Fire Ball 1970)
* “Can I Be Your Squeeze”
     Bulldog Breaks’s “Fresh Squeeze”

Carbo, Hank
* “Hot Pants Part 2”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Lean on Me”

Carlton, Carl
Carl Carlton: (20th Century 1980)
* “This Feelings Rated X-tra”
     MC Eiht’s “All for the Money”
* “She's a Bad Mama Jama”
     11/5’s “Dope Tales”
     Foxxy Brown ft Dru Hill’s “Big Bad Mamma”
     Sh' Killa’s “She's Bad”

Carne, Jean
Happy to Be with You: (Philadelphia International ?)
* “Don't Let it Go to Your Head”
     Brand Nubian’s “Don't Let it Go to Your Head”
* “Light Up My Life”
     MOP’s “Face”

?: (? ?)
* “Together Once Again”
     MOP’s “What the Future Holds”

Carter, Clarence
Testifyin': (Atlantic 1969)
* “Back Door Santa”
     Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis”

Cash, Alvin
single: (Mar-v-lus 1963)
* “Twine Time”
     De la Soul’s “Let, Let Me In”
     Gravediggaz’s “Defective Trippin'”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Chief Rocka”
* “Keep on Dancing”
     Masta Ace’s “Letter to the Better”
     Queen Latifah’s “Dance for Me”
* “Whip it on Me”
     Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s “Calvin”

Castor, Jimmy Bunch
Hey Leroy! Your Mama's Calling: (Smash 1967)
* “Hey Leroy! Your Mama's Calling”
     Cash Money & Marvelous’s “Where's the Party At?”

It's Just Begun: (RCA 1972)
* “Troglodyte” (Vocals)
     En Vogue’s “Time Goes On”
     JAMS’s “Burn the Bastards”
     NWA’s “Days of Way Back”
     NWA’s “Gangsta, Gangsta”
     Professor Griff’s “Pawns in the Game”
     X-Clan’s “Fire and Earth”
* “It's Just Begun”
     2 Live Crew’s “Get Loose Now”
     Antoinette’s “Here She Comes”
     Bush Babees’s “The Love Song”
     Busy Bee’s “Jazzy on the Mix”
     Caveman’s “Troglodyte History”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Musical Massacre”
     Everlast’s “Syndicate Soldier”
     Grandmaster Flash’s “She's Fresh”
     Ice T’s “Power”
     Jungle Brothers’s “On the Run”
     Lisa Lisa’s “Skip to My Lu”
     Low Profile’s “Funky Song”
     Marky Mark’s “The Last Song on Side B”
     MARRS’s “Pump up the Volume”
     Nuyorican Soul’s “Mind Trips”
     Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s “Check this Out”
     Tony Touch’s “I Wonder Why? (He's The Greatest DJ)”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Make it Happen”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Watch Me Now”
* “E-Man Boogie”
     YBT’s “Nobody Knows Kelli”
* “I Promise to Remember”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Mister Cee's Master Plan”

Butt of Course: (Atlantic 1974)
* “Bertha Butt Boogie”
     IAM’s “Elvis”
     Ice Cube’s “Friday”
     Toddy Tee’s “Just Say No”

Maximum Stimulation: (Atlantic 1977)
* “The Return of Leroy”
     Beastie Boys’s “Hold it Now, Hit It”
     Jungle Brothers’s “J. Beez Comin' Through”

Supersound: (Atco 1975)
* “King Kong”
     Coldcut’s “Stop this Crazy Thing”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Sounds of the Safari”

Central Line
single: (Mercury 1981)
* “Walking into Sunshine”
     Bootsy Collins ft MC Lyte’s “I'm Leavin' You (Gotta Go, Gotta. . .)”
     LL Cool J’s “Jinglin' Baby”
     Organized Konfusion’s “?”

Choice: (Mercury 1984)
* “Man at the Top”
     Lil Wayne’s “World of Fantasy”

Supernature: (? 1977)
* “Supernature”
     Arsonists’s “Venom”

Cerrone Live: (Cotillion 1978)
* “Rocket in the Pocket” (Drums)
     Big Daddy Kane’s “?”
     Captain Rock’s “Cosmic Blast”
     Eazy-E’s “Radio”
     MC Lyte’s “Cha Cha Cha”
     Original Concept’s “Can U Feel It?”
     Poetess’s “Best in Me”
     Run-DMC’s “Hit it Run”
     Run-DMC’s “Raising Hell”

Jungle Fever: (Polydor 1971)
* “Jungle Fever”
     2 Live Crew’s “Put Her in the Buck”
     Ambassador’s “Honor and Glory”
     Antoinette’s “I Got an Attitude”
     Beatnuts’s “Story 2000”
     Bigg Ocean Mobb’s “Cops Hate Kids”
     Breeze’s “Great Big Freak”
     Brothers Like Outlaw’s “Deja Vu”
     CEO’s “Hit Me with the Beat”
     Public Enemy’s “Cold Lampin' with Flavor”
* “Yo Soy Cubano”
     Mighty Dub Kats’s “Son of Wilmot”

Chambers Brothers
New Generation: (CBS 1971)
* “Funky”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo”
     Schoolly D’s “Your Worst Nightmare”
* “Pollution”
     Nightmares on Wax’s “Stop (Crack)”

The Time Has Come: (Columbia 1967)
* “So Tired”
     Method Man’s “Tical 2000 Snuffed Out Skit”

How 'Bout Us: (Columbia 1981)
* “I'm On Fire”
     Brother Ali’s “Ear to Ear”

Chandler, Gene
The Duke of Earl: (Vee Jay 1962)
* “Duke of Earl”
     Cypress Hill’s “Hand on the Pump”
     Lifer's Group’s “Jack U. Back (So You Wanna Be a Gangsta)”

Get Down: (20th Century 1978)
* “Tomorrow I May Not Feel the Same”
     50 Cent’s “Dreamin'”

The Gene Chandler Situation: (? ?)
* “Hallelujah, I Love Her So”
     Cypress Hill’s “Legalize It”

The Glow of Love: (Warner Bros 1980)
* “The Glow of Love”
     Aretha Franklin’s “Here We Go Again”
     AZ’s “Just Because”
     Billy Lawrence’s “Up & Down”
     Black Sheep’s “Strobelite Honey”
     Janet Jackson’s “All for You”
     Phats N Small’s “Turn Around”

Chantals, The
?: (? ?)
* “Look in Your Eyes”
     Tricky’s “Suffocated Love”

Chapter 8
* “I Just Wanna be Your Girl”
     The Game & Lil Wayne’s “Red Magic”

Charles, Ray
My Kind of Jazz: (Tangerine 1970)
* “Booty Butt”
     De la Soul’s “Brain-Washed Follower”
     Diamond Shell’s “Cut School”

Rock and Roll Forever: (Atlantic 1956)
* “I've Got a Woman”
     Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx’s “Gold Digger”

Charmells, The
single: (Stax 1967)
* “As Long as I've Got You”
     Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”
     Genius’s “I Gotcha Back”
     Mad Flava’s “Fools”
     Wu-Tang Clan’s “Cream”

Checkmates LTD
* “Pretty Balloons”
     Malik Yusef ft Kanye West & Common’s “Wouldn't You Like to Ride”

Cherry, Neneh
?: (? ?)
* “Woman”
     Nas’s “The Message”

I Like Your Lovin' (Do You Like Mine): (Victor 1970)
* “Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So)”
     Beyonce ft Jay-Z’s “Crazy in Love”

Give More Power to the People: (Brunswick 1970)
* “(For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People”
     Havoc & Prodeje’s “Intro”
     Public Enemy’s “What Kind of Power We Got?”
* “What Do I Wish For”
     Group Home’s “Sacrifice”
* “Have You Seen Her”
     Hammer’s “Have You Seen Her?”
* “Neighbors”
     Deee-Lite’s “?”

Chi-Lites: (Brunswick 1972)
* “Stoned Outta of My Mind”
     Slick Rick’s “Bond”

A Letter To Myself: (Brunswick 1973)
* “We Need Order”
     All City’s “The Actual”
* “I Never Had It So Good (And Felt So Bad)”
     Talib Kweli’s “Guerilla Monsoon Rap”

Toby: (Brunswick 1974)
* “That's How Long”
     Jay-Z "4th of December"’s “Jay-Z”

C'est Chic: (Atlantic 1978)
* “Chic Cheer”
     Busy Bee’s “Jazzy on the Mix”
     Faith Evans’s “Love Like This”
* “Le Freak”
     Nutta Butta ft Anonymous’s “Freak Out”
     Poor Righteous Teachers’s “I Swear Ta God”
* “I Want Your Love”
     Big Bub ft Queen Latifah & Heavy D’s “Need Your Love”

Risque: (Atlantic 1979)
* “Good Times”
     Beastie Boys’s “A.W.O.L.”
     Blondie’s “Rapture”
     Boogie Down Productions’s “13 and Good”
     Chubb Rock’s “Just the Two of Us”
     College Boyz’s “Underground Blues”
     Dan the Automator’s “Music to be Murdered By”
     De la Soul’s “A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays'”
     Digital Underground’s “Doowutchyalike”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “The Reverend”
     DJ Shadow’s “Basic Mega-Mix”
     Erick Sermon ft Redman & Keith Murray’s “Rapper's Delight”
     Father MC’s “Everything's Gonna Be Alright”
     Fugees’s “Refugees on the Mic”
     Furious Five’s “Birthday Party”
     G.P. WU’s “Hit Me with That Shit”
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s “Adventures on the Wheels of Steel”
     Just Ice’s “Back to the Old School”
     Justin Warfield’s “Steppin with. . .”
     LL Cool J’s “?”
     Lost Boys’s “?”
     Side Cell & Rhapazooty’s “Rhapazooty in Blue”
     Spoonie Gee’s “Monster Jam”
     Sugarhill Gang’s “8th Wonder”
     Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper's Delight”
* “My Forbidden Lover”
     Alcazar’s “ Sexual Guarantee”

Real People: (Atlantic 1980)
* “You Can't Do it Alone”
     Basement Jaxx’s “Just 1 Kiss”

single: (Mirage 1981)
* “Soup for One”
     Modjo’s “Lady”

Chicago Gangsters
Blind over You: (Gold Plate 1975)
* “Gangster Boogie” (Drums)
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “Gangsta Shot Out”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “The Punisher”
     Geto Boys’s “Gangster of Love”
     King Sun’s “Big Shots”
     King T’s “Bass”
     Kool Moe Dee’s “Gangsta Boogie”
     LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”
     Mantronix’s “Gangster Boogie”
     Schoolly D’s “Gangster Boogie”
     Willie D’s “U Ain't No Ganksta”

Chocolate Milk
Action Speaks Louder than Words: (RCA 1975)
* “Action Speaks Louder than Words”
     A.P.G. Crew’s “Action Speaks”
     Def Jef’s “Do it Baby”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Move the Crowd”
     Geto Boys’s “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”
     Sauce Money’s “Action”
     Solo’s “Where Do U Want Me to Put It”
     Stetsasonic’s “Don't Let Your. . .”
* “Time Machine”
     Chino XL’s “Many Different Ways”

Chocolate Milk: (RCA 1976)
* “Runnin' Away”
     Miles Davis’s “Blow”

We're All in this Together: (RCA 1977)
* “Girl Callin'”
     Immature’s “You're the One”
     WC’s “The One”

Friction: (RCA 1982)
* “Don't Make Me Wait”
     Brother Ali’s “Chain Link”

Chrystal Illusion
single: (Soul Kitchen 1972)
* “Corruption is the Thing”
     DJ Shadow’s “The Number Song”

* “House of Rising Funk”
     Coldcut’s “Beats and Pieces”
     Geto Boys’s “Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangster”
     Saint Etienne’s “Jungle Pulse”
     Schoolly D’s “Black”
     Too $hort’s “I Want to Be Free”

Cissel, Chuck
Just for You: (Arista 1980)
* “Forever”
     Cam'Ron’s “Dipset Forever”

Clayton, Merry
Merry Clayton: (Ode 1971)
* “Southern Man”
     Cool Breeze’s “Watch for the Hook”

Keep Your Eye On the Sparrow: (Ode 1975)
* “If I Lose”
     Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician’s “Torn Again”

Clifford, Linda
Here's My Love: (RSO 1979)
* “Never Gonnna Stop”
     Nas’s “Street Dreams”
     Tupac’s “All Eyez on Me”

Clinton, George
Computer Games: (Capitol 1982)
* “Atomic Dog”
     Above the Law’s “Process of Elimination”
     Above the Law’s “Why Must I Feel Like Dat?”
     AMG’s “Dog from around the Way”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Get Down”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “The Beef is On”
     Biz Markie’s “The Dragon”
     Blackstreet’s “Booti Call”
     Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.’s “Knee Deep (All up in That P-Funk)”
     College Boyz’s “Underground Blues”
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “I Don't Dance”
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “I Gots to Get Over”
     Digital Underground’s “Bran Nu Swetta”
     Digital Underground’s “Doowutchyalike”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Nuthin' But a Dog”
     Fu-Schnickens’s “Back Off”
     Fu-Schnickens’s “Let Me Make. . .”
     George Clinton’s “Martial Law”
     Geto Boys’s “Homie Don't Play Dat”
     Guy’s “D-O-G Me Out”
     Guy’s “Teddy's Jam”
     Hammer’s “Pumps and a Bump”
     Ice Cube’s “2 N the Morning”
     Ice Cube’s “Better Off Dead”
     Ice Cube’s “Ghetto Bird”
     Ice Cube’s “Man's Best Friend”
     Ice Cube’s “My Summer Vacation”
     Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline”
     Ice Cube’s “The Nigga You Love to Hate”
     Ice T’s “Funky Gripsta”
     Insane Clown Posse’s “Dog Beats”
     Insane Poetry’s “How Ya Gonna Reason with a Psycho?”
     Jedi Knight’s “Noddy Holder”
     K-9 Corps’s “Dog Talk”
     K-Solo’s “I Can't Hold it Back”
     K-Solo’s “Letterman”
     KAM’s “Peace Treaty”
     KAM’s “Y'all Don't Hear Me Dough”
     Kool Moe Dee’s “Here We Go Again”
     Kris Kross’s “Party”
     LL Cool J’s “Eat 'em up L Chill”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Keepers of the Funk”
     May May’s “Alpoman”
     MC Ren’s “Hound Dogz”
     Mistress & DJ Madame E’s “Let it Go”
     Natas’s “Bitches on my Mind”
     Nikki D’s “Wasted Pussy”
     Nuttin' Nyce’s “Froggy Style”
     Paris’s “Bush Killa”
     Paris’s “Coffee, Donuts & Death”
     Paris’s “Thinka 'bout It”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “The Basement”
     PM Dawn’s “Comatose”
     Poison Clan’s “Some More Shit”
     Prince’s “Style”
     Public Enemy’s “Brothers Gonna Work it Out”
     Public Enemy’s “Can't Truss It”
     Public Enemy’s “Pollywanacraka”
     Puff Daddy’s “Can't Hold Me Down”
     Redman’s “Bobyahed2dis”
     Redman’s “Slide and Rock On”
     Redman’s “Watch Yo Nuggets”
     Redman’s “Winicumuhround”
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley’s “Why Must I Be Like That”
     Scarface’s “Diary of a Madman”
     Schoolly D’s “Where'd You Get That Funk From?”
     Slum Village’s “Beej-N-Dem”
     Snoop Dogg’s “Who Am I (What's My Name?)”
     South Central Cartel’s “South Central. . .”
     Stereo MCs’s “On 33”
     Stetsasonic’s “Speaking of a Girl Named Suzy”
     Stezo’s “It's My Turn”
     Terminator X’s “DJ is the Selector”
     Threat’s “LA Zuu”
     Total’s “Love is All We Need”
     Tupac’s “Holla if You Hear Me”
     Tweedy Bird Loc’s “What's Really Goin On”
     Volume 10’s “Pistolgrip Pump”
     X-Clan’s “Earth Bound”
     X-Clan’s “Funk Liberation”
     YZ ft G Rock’s “P-Funk”
* “Man's Best Friend”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Ain't Nuthin' But a Dog”
     Paris’s “Break the Grip of Shame”

You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish: (Capitol 1983)
* “Last Dance”
     Erick Sermon’s “Hittin' Switches”

The Cinderella Theory: (Paisley Park 1989)
* “Tweakin'”
     George Clinton’s “Paint the White House Black”

Sample Some of Disc, Sample Some of D.A.T.: (AEM 1993)
* “Open All Night Drums”
     Arrested Development’s “Ease My Mind”
     Gang Starr’s “Blowin up the Spot”
* “Make Me Smile”
     Terence Trent D'Arby’s “C.Y.F.M.L.A.Y.”
* “Closed 4 Inventory”
     Terence Trent D'Arby’s “C.Y.F.M.L.A.Y.”
* “I Didn't Come Percussion”
     DJ Quik’s “Somethin 4 tha Mood”
* “All Night Full Mix”
     Sean Price’s “MegaSean”

A Fifth of Funk: (AEM 1994)
* “Too Tight for Light”
     WC’s “Just Clownin'”

Club Nouveau
Life, Love & Pain: (WB 1986)
* “Why You Treat Me So Bad?”
     51.50’s “Bump a Bitch”
     Jessica Simpson’s “Irresistible”
     Luniz’s “I Got 5 on It”
     Puff Daddy ft R Kelly’s “Satisfy You”
* “Rumors”
     Bobby Jimmy & the Critters’s “Roaches”

single: (Date ?)
* “Down Home Girl”
     Chubb Rock’s “Yabba Dabba Doo”
     Howie B’s “Who's Got the Bacon”
     Lil' Kim’s “Crush on You”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Skinz”
* “Soul Pad”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Brother Man, Brother Man”
* “Shoppin' for Clothes”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Kool Accordin' 2 a Jungle Brother”

Coffey, Dennis
Evolution: (Sussex 1971)
* “Scorpio” (Drums)
     Busy Bee’s “Old School”
     Double D & Steinski’s “Lesson 3”
     Geto Boys’s “Do it Like a G.O.”
     House of Pain’s “All My Love”
     LL Cool J’s “Jinglin' Baby”
     Lord Finesse’s “Keep it Flowing”
     Moby’s “Mobility”
     Mos Def’s “Universal Magnetic”
     Professor Griff’s “Bro Kemit Splitting Atoms in the Corporate War Zone”
     Public Enemy’s “Night of the Living Baseheads”
     Queen Latifah’s “Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children”
     Roni Size’s “Share the Fall”
     Young MC’s “Bust a Move”
* “Getting it On”
     Beastie Boys’s “What Comes Around”
     Ed OG’s “Dat Ain't Right”
     Everlast’s “Fuck Everyone”
     Kid 'N Play’s “Can You Dig That”
     Public Enemy’s “You're Gonna Get Yours”
* “Garden of the Moon”
     PM Dawn’s “Even After I Die”
* “Whole Lot of Love”
     Diamond D’s “No Wonduh (The Projects)”

Goin for Myself: (Sussex 1972)
* “Ride Sally Ride”
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “Calm Down”
     LL Cool J’s “Big Ole Butt”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Feelin' It”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Kool Keith Housing Things”

Electric Coffey: (Sussex 1972)
* “Son of Scorpio”
     Busy Bee’s “Old School”

Instant Coffey: (Sussex 1974)
* “Outrageous (The Mind Excursion)”
     Motions Man’s “Clearing the Field”

Black Belt Jones soundtrack: (Warner Bros 1974)
* “Theme from Black Belt Jones”
     Lakim Shabazz’s “Sample the Dope Noise”
     LL Cool J’s “Jinglin' Baby”

Cold Blood
Cold Blood: (San Francisco 1969)
* “I Just Want to Make Love to You”
     Foreign Legion’s “Meanwhile”
     Godfather Don’s “?”
     Jurassic 5’s “Lausd”
     Slug’s “3 .2 Red Dog”
* “You Got Me Hummin”
     Slug’s “When it Breaks”

Sisyphus: (San Francisco 1970)
* “Shop Talk”
     Alias’s “Divine Disappointment”

Lydia Pense and Cold Blood: (ABC 1976)
* “I Love You More Than You Will Know”
     Gang Starr’s “My Advice 2 You”
* “It Takes A Lot Of Good Lovin'”
     Amerie’s “Talkin About”

Cold Grits
single: (Atco 1969)
* “It's Your Thing”
     Kanye West’s “Crack Music”

Cole, Natalie
Thankful: (Capitol 1977)
* “Nothing Stronger than Love”
     A.G.’s “Infected”

Everlasting: (EMI 1987)
* “Someone That I Used To Love”
     Kanye West’s “Heard 'Em Say”

Get in Touch: (Solar 1983)
* “Get in Touch with Me, Baby”
     Chubb Rock’s “Just the Two of Us”
     D-Nice’s “Get in Touch in Me”
     Ill Al Skratch’s “Gamin'”
     K-Solo’s “The Baby Doesn't Look Like Me”
     Tragedy’s “Live Motivator”

Collins, Lyn
Think (About It): (People 1972)
* “Think (About It)”
     2 Hyped Brothers and a Dog’s “Doo Doo Brown”
     2 Live Crew’s “Get Loose Now”
     3XDope’s “From Da Giddy Up”
     7A3’s “Goes Like Dis”
     Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock”
     Biz Markie’s “Road Block”
     Black Rock & Ron’s “I'm Tired”
     Boyz II Men’s “Motownphilly”
     Breeze’s “Pull a Fast One”
     Caveman’s “Fry You Like Fish”
     CEO’s “Hit Me with the Beat”
     Choice MC’s “HIV Positive”
     Chubb Rock’s “Bump the Floor”
     Chubb Rock’s “Ya Bad Chubbs”
     Cocoa Brovaz ft Smif-n-Wessun’s “Dry Snitch”
     Cookie Crew’s “Bad Girls (Rock the Spot)”
     Cool C’s “The Glamorous Life”
     Daddy Freddy’s “The Crown”
     Das EFX’s “Mic Checka”
     De la Soul’s “Jenifa (Taught Me) (Derwin's Revenge)”
     Derek B’s “We've Got the Juice”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “I Wanna Rock”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “The Girlie Had a Mustache”
     DJ Magic Mike’s “M&M Getting Off”
     DOC’s “Lend Me an Ear”
     Doc Scott’s “Far Away”
     Doctor Ice’s “Everybody Get Funky”
     Don Pablo's Animals’s “Venus”
     Dream Warriors’s “Face in the Basin”
     EPMD’s “Da Joint”
     EPMD’s “Gold Digger”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “No Omega”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Rest Assured”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “What's on Your Mind?”
     Finesse & Synquis’s “Soul Sisters”
     Freshco & Miz’s “We Don't Play”
     Geto Boys’s “Seek and Destroy”
     Heavy D’s “Flexin'”
     Heavy D’s “Somebody for Me”
     Heavy D’s “You Ain't Heard Nuttin' Yet”
     Insane Clown Posse ft Twiztid’s “85 Bucks an Hour”
     Intelligent Hoodlum’s “Party Pack”
     Janet Jackson’s “Alright”
     Janet Jackson’s “FreeXone”
     K-9 Posse’s “Ain't Nothin' to It”
     Kid 'N Play’s “Do it My Way”
     Kid 'N Play’s “Gittin' Funky”
     King T’s “Diss You”
     Kool G Rap ft DJ Polo’s “Trilogy of Terror”
     Kool Moe Dee’s “I Go to Work”
     Kool Moe Dee’s “Let's Get Serious”
     Kool Moe Dee’s “Let's Go”
     Kool Moe Dee’s “Time's Up”
     Kurtis Blow’s “I'm True to This”
     Lil' Kim’s “Dreams”
     Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson’s “The Best Things in life are Free”
     Marky Mark’s “On the House Tip”
     Masta Ace’s “Letter to the Better”
     MC Brains’s “Everybody's Talkin' about MC Brains”
     MC Smooth’s “Smooth and Legit”
     Michel'le’s “Keep Watchin'”
     Michie Mee’s “On this Mic”
     Mistress & DJ Madame E’s “Let it Go”
     Mr. Lee’s “Break Out”
     New Edition’s “Hit Me Off”
     Nice & Smooth’s “Gold”
     NWA’s “Appetite for Destruction”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Organized Konfusion”
     Paris’s “Break the Grip of Shame”
     Paris’s “Wretched”
     Patra ft Lyn Collins’s “Think”
     PM Dawn’s “Norwegian Wood”
     PM Dawn’s “The Beautiful”
     Poison Clan’s “Fakin' Like Gangsters”
     Poison Clan’s “Rough Nigga Gets Busy”
     Prince Johnny C’s “Sunshine”
     Public Enemy’s “911 is a Joke”
     Public Enemy’s “Anti-Nigger Machine”
     Public Enemy’s “Pollywanacraka”
     Public Enemy’s “Who Stole the Soul?”
     Real Roxanne’s “Roxanne's on a Roll”
     Red Hot Lover Tone’s “Gigolow's Got it Goin' On”
     Redhead Kingpen’s “Superbad, Superslick”
     Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s “Don't Sleep on It”
     Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two”
     Roxanne Shante’s “Bad Sista”
     Roxanne Shante’s “Go on Girl”
     Roxanne Shante’s “My Groove Gets Better”
     Salt-N-Pepa’s “Negro Wit an Ego”
     Schoolly D’s “Mama Feel Good”
     Shango’s “You're the One”
     Shante’s “Shante Gets Wicked”
     Silk X Leather’s “The Woman in Me”
     Sister Souljah’s “State of Accomodation”
     Skinny Boys’s “Get Pepped”
     Slick Rick’s “Children's Story”
     Slick Rick’s “I Shouldn't Have Done It”
     Slick Rick’s “Mistakes of a Woman in Love with Other Men”
     Slick Rick’s “Slick Rick - The Ruler”
     Snoop Dogg’s “Ain't No Fun”
     South Central Cartel’s “Ya Getz Clowned”
     Special Ed’s “I'm the Magnificent”
     Steady B’s “Nasty Girls”
     Stezo’s “Talking Sense”
     Tairrie B’s “Anything You Want”
     TLC’s “Das Da Way We Like 'Em”
     Tuff Crew’s “My Part of Town”
     UMC’s “Never Never Land”
     YBT’s “Nobody Knows Kelli”
     Yo-Yo’s “The Bonnie & Clyde Theme”
     YZ’s “The Ghetto's Been Good to Me”
     Z-Trip’s “Rockstar 2”
* “Ain't No Sunshine”
     Cappadonna’s “Splish Splash”
     ODB’s “Dont' U Know”

single: (People 1972)
* “We Want to Parrty, Parrty, Parrty”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Paid in Full”
     Illegal’s “On Da MIC”
     Legion’s “Legion Groove”

Female Preacher: (People 1973)
* “Mama Feelgood”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Get Down”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Raw”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Raw '91”
     Doctor Ice’s “Everybody Get Funky”
     Doctor Ice’s “Sue Me”
     Freestyle Fellowship’s “5 O'Clock Follies”
     MC Lyte’s “Throwin' Words at U”
     Schoolly D’s “Mama Feel Good”
     Steady B’s “Use Me Again”
     Timbaland & Magoo’s “Lov 2 Luv U”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Make it Happen”
* “You Can't Love Me if You Don't Respect Me”
     Alkaholiks’s “Who Dem Niggas”
     EPMD’s “For my People”
     Queen Mother Rage’s “Vibrations of Blackness”
     The Game’s “No More Fun and Games”

Check Me out if You Don't Know Me by Now: (People 1974)
* “Put it on the Line”
     Above the Law’s “Freedom of Speech”
     Allure’s “When You Need Someone”
     LL Cool J’s “Shot Ya”
* “Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again”
     Craig G’s “Droppin' Science”
     Doctor Ice’s “Everybody Get Funky”
     Low Profile’s “Pay Ya Dues”
     Marley Marl’s “Droppin' Science”
     Richie Rich’s “Rockin' on the GoGo Scene”
     Zum’s “Take Ya Time”
* “Take Me Just as I Am”
     Screwball’s “Turn it Up”

James Brown's Funky People: (Polydor 1988)
* “Do Your Thing”
     Above the Law’s “Another Execution”
     Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.’s “Samoan Mafia”
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “N 2 Deep”
     Doctor Ice’s “Nobody Move”
     MMG’s “Across the 110”

Machine Gun: (Motown 1974)
* “Machine Gun”
     Beastie Boys’s “Hey Ladies”
     Professor Griff’s “Pass the Ammo”
* “Assembly Line” (Drums)
     3rd Bass’s “Wordz of Wisdom”
     Boogie Down Productions’s “House Niggas”
     Chemical Brothers’s “Chemical Beats”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em”
     Guy’s “Her”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Black Woman”
     King Sun’s “Universal Flag”
     Kool G Rap’s “It's a Demo”
     OutKast ft Erykah Badu’s “Humble Mumble”
     Public Enemy’s “Raise the Roof”
     Real Roxanne’s “Respect”
     Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s “Don't Sleep on It”
     Scarface’s “Born Killer”
     Scarface’s “Mr. Scarface Pt 3 - The Final Chapter - He's Dead”
     Schoolly D’s “Treacherous”
     Snow’s “Informer”
     Stetsasonic’s “In Full Gear”
     Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud’s “Girls Act Stupid-aly”
     UNKLE’s “Unreal”
* “Young Girls Are My Weakness”
     Schoolly D’s “Dedicated to All B Boys”

Movin' On: (Motown 1975)
* “C E B U”
     Gangsta NIP’s “Psycho”
     K-Solo’s “Premonition of a Black Panther”
     Kid Sensation’s “Hype it Up”
     Shaq’s “I Got Skills”

Hot on the Tracks: (Motown 1976)
* “Fancy Dancer”
     Original Flavor’s “I Like It”
* “Girl, I Think the World about You”
     De la Soul’s “Buddy”
* “High on Sunshine”
     De la Soul’s “Sunshine”
     Fat Joe’s “Walk on By”

Caught in the Act: (Motown 1977)
* “I'm Ready”
     Beastie Boys’s “Egg Man”
     Tone Loc’s “Cheeba Cheeba”
* “Slippery When Wet”
     7A3’s “Everybody Get Loose”

Commodores: (Motown 1977)
* “Zoom”
     Tricky’s “Tricky Kid”
* “Brickhouse”
     Dream Warriors’s “Follow Me Not”
     Foxxy Brown ft Method Man’s “Ill Na Na”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Bring It”
     Lost Boys’s “Get Up”
     Tairrie B’s “Step 2 This”
     Yo-Yo’s “Mama Don't Take No Mess”
* “Patch it Up”
     Reflection Eternal’s “Soul Rebels”
* “Easy”
     Cam'Ron ft Juelz Santana’s “Hey Ma”
     Franky Kubrick’s “I Wanna Be High”
     Geto Boys’s “Six Feet Deep”
     JCD & the Dawg lb’s “Tilo Sings the Hits”

Natural High: (Motown 1978)
* “I Like What You Do”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Doin' Our Own Dang”
* “Say Yeah”
     Rottin Razkals’s “Ohh Yeah”
     Tamia’s “So into You”

Con Funk Shun
Secrets: (Mercury 1977)
* “Ffun”
     DJ Quik’s “Niggaz Still Trippin'”
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley’s “Humps for the Blvd”
* “ConFunkShunizeYa”
     The Coup’s “The Shipment”

Spirit of Love: (Mercury 1980)
* “Honey Wild”
     Lil Wayne’s “Kush”

7: (Mercury 1981)
* “Straight From The Heart”
     Apathy ft Open Mic’s “Sureshot Affair”

Conley, Arthur
Soul Directions: (Atco 1968)
* “Love Comes and Goes”
     Ed OG’s “Love Comes and Goes”

Controllers, The
My Love is Real: (Timeless 1987)
* “If Tomorrow Never Comes”
     Busta Rhymes’s “Everybody Rise”

Cooke, Sam
Mr. Soul: (? 1963)
* “Nothing Can Change This Love”
     Common’s “The Food”

Night Beat: (RCA ?)
* “Lost and Lookin'”
     Octavius’s “Blues for Darkened Corridors”

?: (? ?)
* “A Change is Gonna Come”
     Capone-N-Noreaga ft Carl Thomas’s “Intro: A Change is Gonna Come”
     Ghostface Killah’s “The Soul Controller”

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
Greatest Hits: (United Artists 1976)
* “Since I Found My Baby”
     Common’s “Chi-City”

Cornish, Chuck
?: (? ?)
* “Ali; Funky Thing”
     Cypress Hill’s “Pigs”

Cosby, Bill
Hooray for the Salvation Army Band: (Warner Bros 1968)
* “Ursalena”
     UMC’s “One to Grow On”
* “Get out of My Life, Woman” (Drums)
     Black Sheep’s “City Lights”
     Chubb Rock’s “The Big Man”
     Cypress Hill’s “Stoned is the Way of the Walk”
     Digable Planets’s “Jettin'”
     DJ Mayonnaise’s “Swedish Orgy”
     Gang Starr’s “The Illest Brother”
     Rascalz’s “Funky Migraine”

Badfoot Brown & the Bunions Bradford Funeral & Marching Band: (Uni 1970)
* “Martin's Funeral”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “We Can Get Down”

Bill Cosby is Not Himself These Days: (Capital 1976)
* “Ben”
     Jurassic 5’s “After School Special”

Costa, Don
Never on Sunday soundtrack: (? 1960)
* “Never on Sunday”
     Beatnuts’s “You're a Clown”

Counts, The
What's up Front - That Counts: (Westbound 1971)
* “What's up Front - That Counts”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Relax with Pep”
     Queen Latifah’s “Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children”
* “Thinking Single”
     DJ Mark the 45 King’s “Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson”
* “Pack of Lies”
     Snoop Dogg’s “Who Am I (What's My Name?)”
* “Motor City”
     Raw Stylus’s “Pushing against the Flow”
* “Bills”
     Sporty Theives’s “Spy Hunter”

Funk Pump: (Aware 1974)
* “Since We Said Goodbye”
     Atmosphere’s “Like Today”
     Gravediggaz’s “Mommy, What's a Gravedigga?”
     Rakim’s “Flow Forever”
     Zimbabwe Legit’s “Legitimate Mix”
* “At the Fair”
     7L & Esoteric’s “Def Rhymes”
     Dilated Peoples’s “Service”

Courtney, Lou
?: (? ?)
* “Hey Joyce”
     Main Source’s “He Got So Much Soul (He Don't Need No Music)”

Covay, Don (& the Jefferson Lemon Blues Band)
Different Strokes for Different Folks: (Janus 1970)
* “If There's a Will, There's a Way”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Lots of Lovin'”
* “What's in the Headlines?”
     Akinyele’s “I Luh Huh”
     Raw Stilo’s “Cutie”

Super Dude I: (Mercury 1973)
* “The Overtime Man”
     De la Soul’s “The Magic Number”
     Fu-Schnickens’s “Movie Scene”

Crawford, Randy
Now We May Begin: (Warner Bros 1980)
* “Same Old Story (Same Old Song)”
     Busta Rhymes’s “Live to Regret”

Creative Source
Creative Source: (Sussex 1973)
* “Who is He and What is He to You?”
     LL Cool J’s “Phenomenon”
     Schoolly D’s “Run”
     Terminator X’s “Back to the Scene of the Bass”
     Two Kings in a Cipher’s “Com 'N Atcha”

Migration: (Sussex 1974)
* “Corazon”
     Wild Bunch’s “Friends & Countrymen”

Pass the Feelin' On: (Polydor 1975)
* “Pass the Feelin' On”
     Little Brother’s “Love Joint Revisited”

Cropper, Steve
With a Little Help from My Friends: (Volt 1971)
* “Crop Dustin'”
     Jay-Z’s “So Ghetto”

Crown Heights Affair
Do it Your Way: (De-Lite 1976)
* “Far Out”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Tell Me”

Curtis, King & the Kinpins
King Size Soul: (Atlantic 1967)
* “Memphis Soul Stew”
     3rd Bass’s “Jammie”
     Geto Boys’s “Geto Soul Stew”
     Geto Boys’s “Trigga Happy Nigga”
     Two Kings in a Cipher’s “Kemit-Cal Reaction”

Instant Groove: (Atlantic 1969)
* “Instant Groove”
     Mormon Ghetto Projectz ft X-Caliber’s “The Manhattan Projectz (FBI Secrets)”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “The Creator”

Cymande: (Janus 1972)
* “The Message”
     Brothers Like Outlaw’s “?”
     King T’s “On tha Rox”
     Kings of Swing’s “2 Minutes of Funk”
     Masta Ace’s “Me & the Biz”
     MC Solaar’s “Bouge De La”
     RRA’s “And it Wasn't a Dream”
     The Coup’s “I Ain't the Nigga”
* “Zion I”
     Cash Crew’s “Munchies”
     Zhigge’s “Born Black”
* “Bra”
     Busy Bee’s “Old School”
     De la Soul’s “Change in Speak”
     Def Jef’s “Give it Here”
     DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip’s “Time to Rhyme”
     DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat”
* “Gettin' it Back”
     Hard Knocks’s “Opposite Side”
* “Dove”
     Cash Crew’s “My Insense is Burning”
     EPMD’s “U Got Shot”
     Fugees’s “The Score”
* “Rastafarian Folk Song”
     KLF’s “What Time is Love? (Moody Boys vs. the KLF)”

Second Time Around: (Janus 1972)
* “Bird”
     Family Tree’s “Hang on to Your Pride”
* “Willie's Headache”
     Smif-N-Wessun’s “?”
* “Fug”
     Blade’s “Rough it Up”
     Double XX Posse’s “Girls Be Frontin'. . .”
     Heavy D’s “Cuz He's Always Around”

Promised Heights: (Janus 1974)
* “Brothers on the Slide”
     Poison Clan’s “Peep da Flavor”
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