By Letter:

Back Stabbers: (Philidelphia International 1972)
* “Shiftless, Shady, Jealous Kind of People”
     Threat’s “Get Ghost”
* “Back Stabbers”
     Angie Stone’s “I Wish I Didn't Miss You”
     Babu’s “Turntablise”
     Detroits Most Wanted’s “Backstabber”
     Grand Puba’s “Back Stabbers”
     Junior MAFIA’s “Back Stabber”
     Together Brothers’s “Back Stabbers”
     WC & the Maad Circle’s “Dress Code”
* “When the World's at Peace”
     Gang Starr’s “I'm the Man”

Ship Ahoy: (Philidelphia International 1973)
* “For the Love of Money”
     Charli Baltimore’s “Money”
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s “Step Off”
     Heavy D’s “Money Earnin' Mount Vernon”
     Marky Mark’s “I Need Money”
     Ministere Amer’s “Prisonnier de la Monnaie”
     Queen Latifah ft Levert’s “For the Love of Money/Livin' in the City”
     Steady B’s “Rockin' Music”
     Stezo’s “Getting Paid”

Survival: (Philadelphia International 1975)
* “Got to Give the People What They Want” (Drums)
     Deee-Lite’s “Heart Be Still”
     Devin the Dude’s “One Day at a Time”
     EPMD’s “Got to Give the People”
     Freestyle Fellowship’s “Sunshine Men”
     Gang Starr’s “Premier & the Guru”
     Keith Murray’s “Sychosymatic”
     Z Rock Crew’s “Got to Give the People”
* “What I'm Waiting For”
     50 Cent’s “Ski Mask Way”
     Jay-Z’s “You Must Love Me”
* “Let Me Make Love to You”
     Nas ft Lake’s “Revolutionary Warfare”

Family Reunion: (Philadelphia International 1975)
* “I Love Music”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Good News Comin'”
* “Family Reunion”
     Jungle Brothers’s “True Blue (Jungle Brother)”
* “You And Me”
     Eternia’s “Understand (If I)”

Message in the Music: (Philadelphia International 1976)
* “Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet Tender Love)”
     Big Punisher’s “I'm Not a Playa”
* “I Swear, I Love No One But You”
     Lil Wayne’s “My Name is Leak Jones”
     Ne-Yo’s “Get Down Like That”

Let's Clean up the Ghetto: (Philidelphia International 1977)
* “The Big Gangster”
     Willie D’s “U Ain't No Ganksta”

So Full of Love: (Philidelphia International 1978)
* “Cry Together”
     Allure’s “Anything You Want”
     AZ ft Nas’s “Mo Money Mo Murder (Homicide)”
     Slick Rick’s “Kill Niggaz”
     Tupac’s “Pour out a Little Liquor”
* “Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)”
     Tupac’s “Life Goes On”

?: (? ?)
* “La La Means I Love You”
     Grand Puba’s “Very Special”

O'Neal, Alexander
Alexander O'Neal: (Tabu 1985)
* “If You Were Here Tonight”
     Ras Kass’s “It is How it Is”

Hearsay: (Tabu 1987)
* “Sunshine”
     Jay-Z’s “Sunshine”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Sunshine”
     LL Cool J’s “Candy Girl”
     Mr. Cheeks’s “Brighter”

Ohio Players
Pain: (Westbound 1971)
* “Pain”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “What Really Goes On”
     Bumble BHE’s “Pain”
     Da King & I’s “Crack Da Weazel (Dat Other Shit)”
     Father MC’s “I've Been Watching You”
     Gang Starr’s “Love Sick”
     Harlem World’s “Cali Chronic”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken?”
     Pete Rock’s “Tru Master”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Soul Brother #1”
     Queen Mother Rage’s “To Be Real”
     Shyheim’s “Here I Am”
     Sounds of Blackness’s “I Believe”
* “Never Had a Dream”
     B.U.M.S.’s “Suck My”
     Gang Starr’s “Love Sick”
     Ice Cube’s “Down for Whatever”
     Lord Finesse’s “Track the Movement”
* “Players Balling (Players Doin' Their Own Thing)”
     D'Angelo’s “Playa Playa”
     Keith Murray’s “Escapism”
     NWA’s “In the Days of Way Back”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Lots of Lovin'”
     Scarface’s “He's Dead (The World is Yours)”
* “I Wanna Hear from You”
     Gang Starr’s “Stay Tuned”
* “Singing in the Morning”
     Notorious BIG’s “Ready to Die”

Pleasure: (Westbound 1972)
* “Laid It”
     EPMD’s “I'm Mad”
* “Pride and Vanity”
     Bumpy Knuckles’s “Bumpy Knuckles Baby”
     Christion’s “Pimp this Love”
     Diamond D’s “Pass Dat Shit”
     Digital Underground’s “Tie the Knot”
     EPMD’s “Hardcore”
     Erick Sermon’s “Interview”
     Fat Joe’s “Da Fat Gangsta”
     Ice T’s “Bitches 2”
     Keith Murray’s “Hot to Def”
     Leaders of the New School’s “Classic Material”
     Leaders of the New School’s “Noisy Meditation”
     Lil' Shawn’s “Say What U Wanna Say”
     Mary J. Blige’s “What's the 411?”
     Naughty by Nature’s “Everyday All Day”
     Nefertiti’s “The Path”
     Rondo & Crazy Rak’s “Hit 'em Up”
* “Funky Worm”
     2Low’s “Send Ya Fa Ya Mama”
     3XDope’s “Mr. Sandman”
     Above the Law’s “B.M.L. (Commercial)”
     Above the Law’s “Black Superman”
     AMG’s “Vertical Joyride”
     Beastie Boys’s “Funky Boss”
     Big Scoob’s “Suckaz Can't Hang”
     Brotha Lynch Hung’s “Deep Down”
     Bushwick Bill’s “Dollars and Sense”
     C.E.B.’s “Seems that You Forgot”
     Cru’s “Pronto”
     Daddy-O’s “Funky Worm Outro”
     De la Soul’s “Me, Myself and I”
     Digable Planets’s “Escapism (Gettin' Free)”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Boom! Shake the Room!”
     DJ Krush’s “Hitotsu No Marai”
     Domino’s “That's Real”
     Dr. Dre’s “Chronic Intro”
     Dre Dog’s “Alcatraz”
     Erick Sermon’s “The Ill Shit”
     Group Home’s “Be Like That”
     Hi-C’s “?”
     Ice Cube’s “Wicked”
     Insane Poetry’s “If Rhymes Could Kill”
     Jaz’s “A Nation Divided”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Belly Dancing Dina”
     Keith Murray’s “The Most Beautifullest Thing in the World”
     Kris Kross’s “2 da Beat Ch'yall”
     Kris Kross’s “Jump”
     Lifer's Group’s “Jack U. Back (So You Wanna Be a Gangsta)”
     Masta Ace’s “Born to Roll”
     MC Breed’s “No Future in Yo' Frontin'”
     Montell Jordan’s “Gotta Get My Roll On”
     Naughty by Nature’s “Klickow Klickow”
     NWA’s “Dopeman”
     NWA’s “Dopeman”
     NWA’s “Gangsta, Gangsta”
     PMD’s “I Saw it Cummin'”
     Public Enemy’s “I Stand Accused”
     Redman’s “Cosmic Slop”
     Ruff Ryders’s “Bugout”
     Rumpletilskinz’s “Attitudes”
     Snoop Dogg’s “Serial Killa”
     South Central Cartel’s “You Want Sum a Dis”
     Terminator X’s “Back to the Scene of the Rhyme”
     Tim Dog’s “Skip to My Loot”
     Too $hort’s “Sample the Funk”
     X-Clan’s “Xodus”
     Xzibit’s “Shroomz”
     Yo-Yo’s “Letter to the Pen”
* “Our Love Has Died”
     Capitol Tax’s “In Memory Of”
     Da King & I’s “Tears (To My Eyes)”
     Genius’s “B.I.B.L.E.”
     Naughty by Nature’s “Shout Out”

Ecstasy: (Westbound 1973)
* “I Wanna Know, Do You Feel It”
     Big Jaz’s “Foundation”
     Black Sheep’s “City Lights”
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “8 Iz Enough”
* “Ecstasy”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario”
     Jay-Z ft Notorious BIG’s “Brooklyn's Finest”

Climax: (Westbound 1974)
* “What's Goin' On”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Lots of Lovin'”
* “Climax”
     Frank & Dank’s “Everybody Get Up”
     Too $hort’s “It Don't Stop”
* “Proud Mary”
     J-Live’s “Braggin Writes”
     Schoolz of Thought’s “Rationalize”

Skin Tight: (Mercury 1974)
* “Skin Tight”
     Geto Boys’s “Talkin' Loud Ain't Sayin' Nothing”
     Young MC’s “I Let 'em Know”
     Young MC’s “Know How”

Rattlesnake: (Westbound 1975)
* “Introducing the Players”
     Above the Law’s “Pimpology 101”
     King T’s “Drunk Tekneek”
     Penthouse Players Clique’s “N-Trance”
     Penthouse Players Clique’s “X-It”

Honey: (Mercury 1975)
* “Love Rollercoaster”
     Digable Planets’s “9th Wonder (Blackitolism)”
     George Clinton’s “Dis Beat Disrupts”
     Maestro Fresh Wes’s “Showing You”
     MC Shan’s “So Def”
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley’s “Get Ready to Roll”
     Salt-N-Pepa’s “Champaign”
* “I Want to Be Free”
     Too $hort’s “I Want to Be Free”
* “Sweet Sticky Thing”
     Gang Starr’s “Doe in Advance”
     Tony, Toni, Tone’s “Gangsta Groove”
* “Fopp”
     Jay-Z’s “Rap Game/Crack Game”
     Too $hort’s “Hard on the Boulevard”
     Too $hort’s “I Ain't Nuthin but a Dogg”

Fire: (Mercury 1975)
* “Fire”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Money Maker”
     RBL Posse’s “Sorta Like a Psycho”
     Shaq ft Keith Murray’s “Newark to C.I.”
* “Far East Mississippi”
     Chop Shop’s “Hurt Me”
     Style’s “Just a Little Something”

Contradiction: (Mercury 1976)
* “Who'd She Coo?”
     Penthouse Players Clique’s “Pimp Lane”
* “Little Lady Maria”
     Puff Daddy’s “Senorita”

Mr. Mean: (Mercury 1977)
* “Good Luck Charm”
     DJ Honda ft Mos Def’s “Travellin' Man”
     Nas’s “Last Words”

?: (? ?)
* “Dirty Worm”
     Murder One Gangster’s “Smoove”
     Sicx’s “Once Upon a Time”
     Street Military’s “Another Hit”
     Too $hort’s “Sample the Funk”

Olympic Runners
Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is: (London 1974)
* “Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is”
     Digital Underground’s “?”
     People Under the Stairs’s “Live from the Fishbucket”
     Queen Pen’s “Queen of the Click”
     Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s “Joy & Pain”
     Sugarhill Gang’s “Livin in the Fast Line”

Out in Front: (London 1975)
* “Dump the Bump”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Rest Assured”
* “Go No Further”
     Ugly Duckling’s “Now Who's Laughing?”
* “Cou'Cou N Flyin Fish”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Stop Shammin'”
* “Get this Thing Down”
     Black Attack’s “Rep Da R.I.”
     High and Mighty’s “Dick Starbuck”
     Miilkbone’s “It Ain't the Same”
     Money Mark’s “Push this Button”

Don't Let Up: (London 1976)
* “Don't Let Up”
     Phife’s “Lemme Find Out”
     Planet Asia & Talib Kweli’s “Don't Let Up”
     Ugly Duckling’s “We're Here”

One Way
One Way: (MCA 1979)
* “Pop It”
     WC & the Maad Circle’s “Ghetto Serenade”

Love is. . .One Way: (MCA 1981)
* “Get it Over”
     Smif-N-Wessun’s “P.N.C.”
* “Push”
     Poison Clan’s “Groove with the Poison Clan”

Fancy Dancer: (MCA 1981)
* “Pull/Fancy Dancer”
     WC & the Maad Circle’s “U Don't Work, U Don't Eat”

?: (MCA 1982)
* “Cutie Pie” (Drums)
     Above the Law’s “V.S.O.P.”
     Brandy’s “Sitting up in My Room”
     C-Bo’s “America's Nightmare”
     Dream Warriors’s “And Now the Legacy Begins”
     MC Breed’s “Late Night Creep”
     Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It”
     Proper Dos’s “Mexican Power”
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley’s “Oldie but Goodie”

Wild Night: (MCA 1982)
* “Don't Fight the Feeling”
     DJ Quik’s “Can I Eat It?”
     E-40’s “Fuckin' They Nose”
     E-40’s “Lieutenant Roast a Botch”
     Too $hort’s “Don't Fight the Feeling”
     Too $hort’s “Don't Fight the Intro”
* “Can I?”
     Goldy’s “Never That”
     Low Profile’s “Funky Song”
* “Wild Nights”
     Goldy’s “In the Land of Funk”

Lady: (MCA 1983)
* “Mr. Groove”
     De la Soul’s “Shwingalokate”
     Low Profile’s “We're in this Together”
     Spice 1’s “Stickin to the G Code”
* “Don't Stop”
     Nelly’s “Luven Me”
     Warren G’s “Super Soul Sis”

Oneness of Juju
African Rhythms: (Black Fire 1975)
* “African Rhythms”
     Quasimoto’s “Loop Digga”
     Skoolbeats’s “Clap Your Hands”
* “Funky Wood”
     Skoolbeats’s “Clap Your Hands”
* “Poo Too”
     Bulldog Breaks’s “Juju Rhythms”
     Grand Puba’s “?”
     Skoolbeats’s “Clap Your Hands”

Original Soul Senders
single: (ANL 1971)
* “Soul Brothers Testify (Pt .1)”
     DJ Shadow’s “Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain”

Originals, The
Down to Love Town: (Soul 1977)
* “Sunrise”
     Scarface ft Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel’s “Guess Who's Back”

Another Time, Another Place: (Fantasy 1978)
* “Fantasy Interlude”
     Gang Starr’s “Name Tag (Premier and the Guru)”

California Sunset: (Motown 1975)
* “Don't Turn Off the Lights”
     Brother Ali’s “When the Beat Comes In”
     Cam'Ron ft Jermaine Dupri’s “A Pimp's a Pimp”

Oskar, Lee
Before the Rain: (Elektra 1978)
* “San Francisco's Bay”
     Ma$e’s “All I Ever Wanted”
     Xzibit’s “X”

My Road Our Road: (Elektra 1981)
* “Our Road”
     Jeru’s “Ain't the Devil Happy”
* “Yes, I'm Singing”
     Jeru’s “Can't Stop the Prophet”

Otis, Shuggie
Inspiration Information: (Epic 1974)
* “Aht Uh Mi Hed”
     Absolute Beginner’s “Liebeslied”
     Black Eyed Peas’s “Joints & Jams”
* “Island Letter”
     Digable Planets’s “For Corners”
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