By Letter:

Back Door
The Backdoor: (Warner Bros 1973)
* “Slivadiv”
     Beastie Boys’s “Stand Together”

Bama - the Village Poet
Ghettos of the Mind: (Chess 1972)
* “Ghettos of the Mind”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Ghettos of the Mind”
* “I Got Soul”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Searchin'”
* “Social Narcotics”
     DJ Shadow’s “In/Flux”

Barber, Chris
single: (Pye 1959)
* “Petite Fleur”
     Carl Thomas ft Faith Evans’s “So Emotional”
     Firm’s “Phone Tap”

Barbieri, Gato
Caliente!: (A&M 1976)
* “Fiesta”
     Five Deez’s “Latitude”

Baron, Billy
?: (? ?)
* “Communications is Where It's At”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Public Enemy”

Barron, Kenny
Sunset at Dawn: (Muse 1973)
* “Sunset”
     De la Soul’s “Stakes is High”
     Pete Rock’s “Take the D Train”

Bartz, Gary
Harlem Bush Music: Uhuru: (Milestone 1970)
* “Celestial Blues”
     Black Sheep’s “To Whom it May Concern”
     Casual’s “Thoughts of the Thoughtful”
     Dereliks’s “?”
     P.P.M.’s “Food of My De-Rhythm”
     Skoolbeats’s “Blues”
* “Blue (A Folk Tale)”
     Chi-Ali’s “Chi-Ali vs. Vanilla Shake”

I've Known Rivers and Other Bodies: (Prestige 1973)
* “I've Known Rivers”
     3rd Bass’s “No Master Plan, No Master Race”

Shadow Do: (Prestige 1975)
* “Gentle Smiles”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Butter”
     Beatnuts’s “Third of the Trio”

Music is My Sanctuary: (Capitol 1977)
* “Carnival De L'Esprit”
     Bulldog Breaks’s “You Should Get with This”

Bascomb, Wilbur 'Bad'
Black Grass Music: (Paramount 1972)
* “Black Grass”
     Doug E Fresh’s “Everybody Got 2 Get Some”
     Special Ed’s “Hodown”
     Wu-Tang Clan’s “It's Yours”

single: (Carnival 1972)
* “Just a Groove in G”
     DJ Shadow’s “Entropy”
     The Roots’s “The Seed v2”

?: (? ?)
* “Feel Like Dancing”
     Public Enemy’s “911 is a Joke”

Basie, Count
Basie's in the Bag: (MCA ?)
* “Hang on Sloopy”
     Dream Warriors’s “Wash Your Face in my Sink”

Baxter, Les
Jewels of the Sea: (Capitol 1961)
* “Sunken City”
     Foreign Exchange’s “Von Sees”

Hell's Belles soundtrack: (Sidewalk 1968)
* “Hogin' Machine”
     MF Doom’s “Doomsday”
     ShowBiz & A.G.’s “Never Less Than Ill”

Moog Rock: (GNP Crescendo ?)
* “Prelude C# Minor”
     Beastie Boys’s “Intergalactic”

Baxter, Terry & His Orchestra
?: (? ?)
* “Early in the Morning”
     Busta Rhymes’s “Extinction Level Event (Song of Salvation)”

Belgrave, Marcus
* “Space Odyssey”
     Def Squad’s “Y'all Niggas Ain't Ready”

Benson, George
The New Boss Guitar of George Benson: (Prestige 1964)
* “Shadow Dancers”
     Souls of Mischief’s “Let 'em Know”

Shape of Things to Come: (A&M 1968)
* “Footin' It”
     Diamond D’s “Freestyle (Yo, That's That Shit)”
* “Face it Boy, It's Over”
     Champ MC’s “Keep it on the Real”
     Abstract Rude’s “Switch the Station”
     Brand Nubian’s “Stip into Da Cipher”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff ft Baby Blak & Pauly Yamz’s “For Da Love of Da Game”
     Ed OG’s “Love Comes and Goes”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “I Get Physical”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “In the Flesh”
* “Shape of Things to Come”
     B Love’s “Lucy”
     Da King & I’s “?”
     Karlito’s “T'inquietes”
     Ras Kass’s “Soul on Ice”

White Rabbit: (CTI 1971)
* “Theme from Summer '42”
     Heltah Skeltah’s “Operation Lockdown”
* “California Dreaming”
     Foxxy Brown’s “My Life”
     Masta Ace’s “Jeep Ass Niggah”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Intro”
     Trina and Tamara’s “Joanne”
* “White Rabbit”
     Exlib and Mr. Hyde’s “Feed Your Head”
     Nice & Smooth’s “Do Whatcha Gotta”
     Styles of Beyond’s “Outro”

Body Talk: (CTI 1973)
* “Top of the World”
     Alkaholiks’s “Likwit Ridas”

Bad Benson: (CTI 1974)
* “The Changing World”
     Al Tariq’s “Just a Little Joint”
     Citizen Kane’s “Soldier Story”
     Common’s “I Used to Love H.E.R.”
     Fat Joe’s “Livin' Fat”
     J-88’s “Get it Together”
     Peanut Butter Wolf’s “I Will Always Love H.E.R.”
* “Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams”
     Pharoahe Monch’s “The Light”

In Concert - Carnegie Hall: (CTI 1975)
* “Octane”
     McGruff ft Ma$e & Big L’s “Danger Zone”

Breezin': (Warner Bros 1976)
* “Breezin'”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Time to Chill”
     YZ’s “Tower with the Power”
* “This Masquerade”
     Afro Jazz’s “Intro”
     Fabe’s “Ca Fait Partie de Mon passé”
     MC Breed’s “She's a Sister, I'm a Brother”
* “Lady”
     Fabe’s “Factes-vous la Guerre”

In Flight: (Warner Bros. 1977)
* “The World is a Ghetto”
     Big Punisher ft Fat Joe, & Terror Squad’s “Glamor Life”
     Ideal J’s “Je Dois Faire Du Cash Remix”
     Kohndo’s “Loin Des Halls”
     Rappers Against Racism’s “Every Man for Himself”
     Zion I’s “Bonus Track”

Weekend in L.A.: (Warner 1978)
* “Lady Blue”
     Bahamadia’s “One for Teen”
     Rascalz’s “Solitaire”

Give Me the Night: (Warner Bros 1980)
* “Give Me the Night”
     Daddy-O’s “Kid Capri”
     Heavy D’s “Give Me the Night”
     I Am’s “Je Danse Le Mia”
     Ideal J’s “Lavie Est Brutale”
     Monte Luv & DJ Rob’s “Silk Smooth”
     R Can’s “Twister”
* “Love X Love”
     Zhane’s “Vibe”

The George Benson Collection: (Warner Bros 1981)
* “Turn Your Love Around”
     Junior MAFIA ft Aaliyah’s “Not Tonight”
* “Here Comes the Sun”
     Basement Khemist’s “Correct Technique”

In Your Eyes: (Warner Bros 1983)
* “Lady Love Me (One More Time)”
     Made Men’s “Take Care of Yourself”

Bernstein, Steven
?: (? ?)
* “Trumpet Solo”
     Digable Planets’s “Last of the Spiddyocks”

Blackbyrds: (Fantasy 1974)
* “Do it Fluid”
     Stetsasonic’s “So Let the Fun Begin”
     Style’s “In Tone We Trust”
* “Funky Junkie”
     Ant Banks’s “2 the Head”
* “Reggins”
     Grand Daddy IU’s “Pick up the Pace”
     Hard 2 Obtain’s “LI Groove”
     Kid 'N Play’s “Gittin' Funky”
     Ministere Amer’s “Au Dessus des Lois”
* “Summer Love”
     B.U.M.S.’s “Let the Music Take Your Mind”
     Smif-N-Wessun’s “Teenage Luv”
* “Life Styles”
     Salt-N-Pepa’s “Solo Power (Let's Get Paid)”
* “Runaway”
     Kid 'N Play’s “Gittin' Funky”
     Porn Theatre Ushers’s “Me & Him”
* “Flyte Time”
     Public Enemy’s “Fear of a Black Planet”

Flying Start: (Fantasy 1974)
* “Blackbyrds' Theme”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Tribe Vibes”
     Lord Finesse’s “Back to Back Rhyming”
     Queen Latifah’s “Bad as a Mutha”
* “Spaced Out”
     MC Lyte’s “Cappucino”

City Life: (Fantasy 1975)
* “Rock Creek Park”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Raw '91”
     Blackmale’s “Let It Swing”
     Bobby Konders’s “Bad Boy Dance”
     De la Soul’s “Ghetto Thang”
     Doo-Wop's Flipsquad All-Stars’s “The Things I Do”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “The R”
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s “We Will Rock You”
     Heavy D’s “Swingin Wit Da Heavsta”
     Ice Cube’s “I Wanna Kill Sam”
     Kwame’s “Da Man”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Keepers of the Funk”
     Massive Attack’s “Blue Lines”
     Nas’s “Get Down”
     NWA’s “Quiet on tha Set”
     ODB ft Coolio’s “The Park”
     Professor Griff’s “The V Amendment”
     Sylk Smoov’s “DU in It”
     Together Brothers’s “Back in the Days”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “When I Burn”
     UTFO’s “Doin' It”
* “All I Ask”
     Chris Long’s “Reminiscin”
     Tupac’s “Lord Knows”

Cornbread, Earl & Me soundtrack: (Fantasy 1976)
* “Wilford's Gone”
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “Def Wish”
     Gang Starr’s “Say Your Prayers”
     Hard 2 Obtain’s “LI Groove”
     RBX’s “Sounds of Reality”
     The Roots’s “Silent Treatment”
* “Riot”
     Ghostface Killah’s “Black Jesus”

Action: (Fantasy 1977)
* “Mysterious Vibes”
     Almighty RSO’s “One in the Chamba”
     Horace Brown’s “One for the Money”
     Kurious’s “I'm Kurious”
     Masters of Illusion’s “Let Me Talk to You”
     Paris’s “The Days of Old”
     Shello’s “Good Thang”
* “Dreaming about You”
     Dru Down’s “Weak Moves”
     Kool G Rap’s “Live and Let Die”
     Lench Mob’s “Lord Have Mercy”
     Lighter Shade of Brown’s “?”
* “Soft and Easy”
     Sunz of Man’s “Israeli News”

Night Grooves: (Fantasy 1978)
* “Supernatural Feeling”
     Kool Moe Dee’s “808 Man”

Blakey, Art (& the Jazz Messengers)
Drum Suite: (Columbia 1956)
* “D's Dilemma” (Horns)
     3rd Bass’s “Merchant of Grooves”

The Big Beat: (Blue Note 1960)
* “Dat Dere”
     RJD2’s “Rain”

Mosaic: (Blue Note 1961)
* “Crisis”
     US3’s “Just Another Brother”

Buhaina: (Prestige 1973)
* “A Chant for Bu”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Excursions”

Reflections in Blue: (Timeless 1979)
* “Stretching”
     Digable Planets’s “Escapism (Gettin' Free)”

A Night in Birdland: (? ?)
* “Split Kick”
     US3’s “Cantaloop”

?: (? ?)
* “Comments on Ritual”
     US3’s “Different Rhythms, Different People”
* “A Night in Birdland”
     Quincy Jones’s “Jazz Corner of the World”

Bley, Carla
Dinner Music: (Watt 1977)
* “Song Sung Long”
     Mad Skillz’s “Extra Abstract Skillz”

Bobo, Willie
Spanish Grease: (Verve 1965)
* “Spanish Grease”
     Mellow Man Ace’s “Mentirosa”

Uno Dos Tres: (Verve 1966)
* “Fried Neck Bones and Home Fries”
     Styles of Beyond’s “Survival Tactics”

Branch, James
?: (? ?)
* “Tarishi”
     D-Nice’s “Rhymin' Skills”

Brecker Bros.
Brecker Bros.: (Arista 1975)
* “Levitate”
     Chino XL’s “Kreep”

Brooks, Billy
Windows of the Mind: (Crossover 1974)
* “Forty Days”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Luck of Lucien”
     Greyboy’s “Funk on the Brain”
     Keith Murray’s “High As Hell”
     Liquid Soul’s “I Want You to Want Me”
     Skoolbeats’s “40 Days”
     Total Devastation’s “Many Clouds of Smoke”

Brown, Clifford
Clifford Brown with Strings: (Emarcy 1955)
* “Yesterdays”
     KRS-One’s “MC's Act Like They Don't Know”
     Mona Lisa’s “Can't Be Wastin' My Time”

Brown, Ray Orchestra
The Adventures: (? 1970)
* “Go Down Dying”
     Björk’s “Human Behaviour”

?: (? ?)
* “Insensatez”
     Fun Lovin' Criminals’s “King of New York”

Brown. Oscar Jr.
Brother Where Are You: (Atlantic 1974)
* “Memory Lane”
     Peanut Butter Wolf’s “A Tale of Five Cities”

Brubeck, Dave
?: (Fontana/Phonogram 1961)
* “Take Five”
     JAMS’s “Don't Take Five (Take What You Want)”
* “Time Out”
     3rd Bass’s “Al'z A-B-Cee'z”

Bryant, Ray
Up Above the Rock: (Cadet 1968)
* “Up on the Rock”
     Kool G Rap’s “On the Run”
* “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas”
     Queen Latifah’s “I Can't Understand”

In the Cut: (Cadet ?)
* “Andalusan Nights”
     Aceyalone’s “Faces”

?: (? ?)
* “Soulman”
     Jurassic 5’s “The Game”

Bryant, Rusty
Soul Liberation: (Prestige 1970)
* “Soul Liberation”
     Da King & I’s “Brain 2 U”

Fire Eater: (Prestige 1971)
* “Fire Eater” (Drums)
     Aceyalone’s “Human Language”
     Del’s “Don't Forget”
     DJ Toolz’s “Rusty Goes Ga Ga”
     Jurassic 5’s “Swing Set”

Burton, Gary (Quartet)
Tennessee Firebird: (RCA 1966)
* “Walter L”
     Nas’s “One Time 4 Your Mind”

Duster: (RCA 1967)
* “Sweet Rain”
     Akinyele’s “Thug Shit”
* “Sing Me Softly of the Blues”
     Pharcyde’s “Bullshit”

Country Roads and Other Places: (RCA 1969)
* “Country Road”
     OGC’s “Hurricane Starang”

Good Vibes: (Atlantic 1970)
* “Las Vegas Tango”
     Big Punisher ft Prodigy & Deck's Inspektah Deck’s “Tres Leches”
     Bootcamp Clique’s “Headz Ain't Ready”
     Common’s “Resurrection Interlude”
     Cypress Hill’s “Illusions”
     Mobb Deep’s “Can't Get Enough of It”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Stress”
* “Leroy the Magician” (Drums)
     Common’s “Nothing to Do”
     Latryx’s “Burning Hot in Cali on a Saturday Night”

Crystal Silence: (ECM 1972)
* “I'm Your Pal”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “1nce Again”

The New Quartet: (ECM 1973)
* “Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly”
     Pete Rock’s “Pete's Jazz”
* “Olhos de Gato”
     Capone-N-Noreaga’s “Black Gangsta”

Passengers with Eberhard Weber: (ECM 1976)
* “B&G (Midwestern Nights Dream)”
     DJ Honda’s “Trouble in the Water”

Burton, Gary Quartet & Weber, Eberhard
Passengers: (ECM 1976)
* “B&G (Midwestern Nights Dream)”
     DJ Honda’s “Trouble in the Water”

Butler, Billy
This is Billy Butler: (Prestige 1969)
* “The Twang Thang”
     Bulldog Breaks’s “Twangin'”

?: (? ?)
* “Blow for the Crossing” (Drums)
     Handsome Boy Modeling School’s “The Truth”

Melinda soundtrack: (Mercury 1972)
* “Speak Truth to the People”
     Souls of Mischief’s “Disseshowedo”
     Zhigge’s “Zhigge Man”
* “Melinda”
     Black Sheep’s “Hoes We Knows”

Byrd, Charlie
Crystal Silence: (Fantasy 1973)
* “For Big John”
     L Fudge’s “Liquid”

Byrd, Donald
Donald Byrd at the Half Note Cafe, Vol 2: (Blue Note 1960)
* “Jeannine”
     US3’s “Make Tracks”

Free Form: (Blue Note 1961)
* “French Spice”
     Naughty by Nature’s “It's On”

A New Perspective: (Blue Note 1963)
* “Cristo Rendentor”
     Shyheim’s “Ones 4 Da Money”

Black Jack: (Blue Note 1967)
* “Beale Street”
     Pharcyde’s “Oh Shit”
* “Black Jack”
     Common’s “Breaker 1/9”
     Dream Warriors ft Gang Starr’s “I've Lost My Ignorance”
     Third Eye’s “Ease Up”

Fancy Free: (Blue Note 1969)
* “Weasil”
     Byrd ft Guru & Jordan’s “Time is Moving On”
     Hardnocks’s “Blow to Your Head”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Frustrated”

Electric Byrd: (Blue Note 1970)
* “Essence”
     The Grouch’s “Over/Evaluation”

Blackbyrd: (Blue Note 1972)
* “Flight Time”
     Nas’s “NY State of Mind”
* “Where are We Going?”
     3XDope’s “Peace Yourself”

Street Lady: (Blue Note 1974)
* “Street Lady”
     Del’s “Money for Sex”
     Del’s “Wacky World of Rapid Transit”
     Del’s “Ya Lil' Crumbsnatchers”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Good News Comin'”
     Miles Davis’s “High Speed Chase”
     Outlaw Posse’s “Original Dope”

Stepping into Tomorrow: (Blue Note 1975)
* “Think Twice”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Footprints”
     Armand Van Helden’s “Flowerz”
     Chi-Ali’s “Road Runner”
     De la Soul’s “Simply Havin'”
     DJ Krush’s “Big City Lover”
     Encore ft Peanut Butter Wolf’s “Think Twice”
     Lisa Lisa’s “Let the Beat Hit 'Em”
     Lone Catalyst’s “The Place to Be”
     Main Source’s “Looking at the Front Door”
     Peanut Butter Wolf’s “Don't Turn Back”
     Professor Griff’s “Jail Sale”
* “I Love the Girl”
     Saafir’s “Can You Feel Me”
* “Stepping into Tomorrow”
     US3’s “The Darkside”
* “We're Together”
     J-Live’s “Shyste”

Places and Spaces: (Blue Note 1976)
* “Wind Parade”
     Black Eyed Peas ft De la Soul’s “Cali to New York”
     Black Moon’s “Buck 'Em Down”
     Fesu’s “?”
     Jewell’s “It's Not Deep Enough”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Stray Bullet”
     Tupac’s “Definition of a Thug Nigga”
* “Change (Makes You Want to Hustle)”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “A Touch of Jazz”
* “Places and Spaces”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “All the Places”
* “(Fallin Like) Dominoes”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Brand New Funk”
     Grand Daddy IU’s “Dominoes”
     Ice Cube’s “I Wanna Kill Sam”
     Oddjobs’s “No Egos”
     Stetsasonic’s “Talkin' All That Jazz”
* “Night Whistler”
     Black Moon’s “Murder MCs”

?: (? ?)
* “I Feel Like Loving You Today”
     Group Home’s “2000”

Byrd, Donald & Little, Booker
The Third World: (TCB ?)
* “Wee Tina”
     Beatnuts’s “Props over Here”
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