An artist's albums are listed in order of release. When a paticular artist's album has been sampled more than once, the sampling artists are listed alphabetically. If an artist has sampled a song more than once, the songs should be in order of appearance (first song on the first album to last song on last album.)

I am soliciting samples of *Old* school jams, pre - Run-D.M.C. only. No samples are included of recent songs sampling other rappers, singers, etc. They are too obvious and would take up needless space, Also one will notice that in this FAQ, when one artist samples part of another, current song, which was a sample of yet another song, both songs will be listed under the original. For example, it is most likely that Alexander O'Neal sampled Digital Underground, not Sly Stone. Still, both "The Humpty Dance" and "Love Makes No Sense" are found under Sly's "Sing a Simple Song." This is why En Vogue has no entry, despite multiple samples of "Hold On"

Here, I plan to post questions I can't answer, and (hopefully) the responses from you guys, from here on out.

Sample listings on the sleeves of albums make some of the obscure samples easy to put in here. But sometimes people who put the sample on the album sleeves mess up. Case in point: De La Soul's "Ring Ring Ring" DOES NOT sample "Pass the Peas." It should be listed under "Pass the Plugs." The drum sample is actually "Impeach the President." And don't get me started on Del's first album.

The Soul II Soul section seems a little low. The same with "Spinning Wheel."