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Section 1. Soul

20th Century Steel Band
Warm Heart, Cold Steel: (United Artists 1975)
* "Heaven & Hell is on Earth" (Vocals)
     Masta Ace - "Go Where I Send Thee"

Bliss, Melvin
single: (Sunburst 1977)
* "Synthetic Substitution" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "Saturday Nite Live"

Brown, James
Sho is Funky Down Here: (King 1971)
* "Just Enough Room for Storage"
     Tony Touch ft Pete Rock, Masta Ace & Large Professor - "Out Da Box (Intro)"

Hot Pants: (Polydor 1971)
* "Blues and Pants"
     Masta Ace - "Ain't You Da Masta"
* "Escape-ism"
     Masta Ace - "Ace Iz Wild"

There it Is: (Polydor 1972)
* "Talkin Loud and Sayin' Nothing"
     Masta Ace - "I Got Ta"
* "There it Is"
     Masta Ace - "Simon Says"

Black Caesar: (Polydor 1973)
* "Down and out in New York City"
     Masta Ace - "The Count"

Get up Offa That Thing: (Polydor 1976)
* "Get up Offa That Thing"
     Masta Ace - "Can't Stop the Bumrush"

Butler, Jerry & Eager, Brenda Lee
The Love We Have: (Mercury 1973)
* "How Long Will it Last"
     Masta Ace - "The Grind"

Cash, Alvin
single: (Toddlin' Tone 1968)
* "Keep on Dancing"
     Masta Ace - "Letter to the Better"

Collins, Lyn
Think (About It): (People 1972)
* "Think (About It)"
     Masta Ace - "Letter to the Better"

Cymande: (Janus 1972)
* "The Message"
     Masta Ace - "Me & the Biz"

Davis, John and the Monster Orchestra
Night & Day: (Sam 1976)
* "I Can't Stop" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "Crazy Drunken Style"

Detroit Emeralds
Detroit Emeralds: (Westbound 1973)
* "You're Getting a Little too Smart" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize"

Dorsey, Lee
The New Lee Dorsey: (Amy 1966)
* "Get out of My Life, Woman" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "The Other Side of Town"

Earth, Wind & Fire
Gratitude: (Columbia 1975)
* "New World Symphony"
     Masta Ace - "Top Ten List"

?: (? ?)
* "Handwriting on the Wall"
     Masta Ace - "The Big East"

ESG: (Nine Nine 1981)
* "UFO"
     Masta Ace - "The Other Side of Town"

Five Stairsteps
Love's Happening: (Curtom 1968)
* "Don't Change Your Love" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "A Walk thru the Valley"

Gaye, Marvin
What's Going On: (Tamla 1971)
* "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)"
     Masta Ace - "Go Where I Send Thee"

Haywood, Leon
Come and Get Yourself Some: (20th Century 1979)
* "I Wanna Do Something Freaky to You"
     Masta Ace - "B Side"
     Masta Ace - "The I.N.C. Ride"

Honey Drippers
single: (Alaga 1973)
* "Impeach the President" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "Go Where I Send Thee"
     Masta Ace - "Rollin' with Um Dadda"

Hutch, Willie
Foxy Brown soundtrack: (Motown 1974)
* "Hospital prelude of Love Theme"
     Masta Ace - "Good Ol' Love"

Isley Brothers
The Heat is On: (T-Neck 1975)
* "For the Love of You"
     Masta Ace - "I. N. C. Ride"

Johnson, Syl
Back for a Taste of Your Love: (HI 1973)
* "Wind Blow Her Back My Way"
     Masta Ace - "Alphabet Soup"

Kendricks, Eddie
People. . . Hold On: (Tamla 1972)
* "If You Let Me"
     Masta Ace - "Brooklyn Battles"

Kool and the Gang
Kool and the Gang: (De-Lite 1969)
* "Chocolate Buttermilk"
     Masta Ace - "Simon Says"

Live at P.J.'s: (De-Lite 1972)
* "N.T." (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "As I Reminisce"

Light of Worlds: (De-lite 1974)
* "You Don't Have to Change"
     Masta Ace - "Can't Find Me"

Little Royal & the Swingmasters
single: (Tri-Us 1971)
* "Razor Blade"
     Masta Ace - "Can't Stop the Bumrush"

Loose Ends
So Where are You: (Virgin 1985)
* "Hanging on a String"
     Masta Ace - "The I.N.C. Ride"

Love Unlimited Orchestra
In Heat: (20th Century 1974)
* "Share A Little Love In You're Heart"
     Masta Ace - "Enuff"

MacDermot, Galt
Cotton Comes to Harlem soundtrack: (MCA 1970)
* "Harlem Medley"
     Masta Ace - "Who U Jackin'"

Mayfield, Curtis
Curtis: (Curtom 1970)
* "The Other Side of Town"
     Masta Ace - "The Other Side of Town"

New Birth
Comin from All Ends: (RCA 1974)
* "I Wash My Hands of the Whole Damn Deal"
     Masta Ace - "Way of the World"

Ohio Players
Pleasure: (Westbound 1972)
* "Funky Worm"
     Masta Ace - "Born to Roll"

Parks, Steve
Movin' in the Right Direction: (Solid Smoke 1981)
* "Movin' in the Right Direction"
     Young Disciples ft Masta Ace - "Talkin' What I Feel"

Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome: (Casablanca 1977)
* "Flashlight"
     Masta Ace - "Jeep Ass Niggah"

Payne, Frieda
Stares and Whispers: (Capitol 1977)
* "Stares and Whispers"
     Masta Ace - "H.O.O.D."

Pickett, Wilson
I'm in Love: (Atlantic 1968)
* "I'm in Love"
     Ed Og ft Masta Ace - "Wishing"

Rose Royce
In Full Bloom: (Whitfield 1977)
* "Wishing on a Star"
     Masta Ace - "Beautiful"

Scott-Heron, Gil & Jackson, Brian
Pieces of a Man: (Flying Dutchman 1971)
* "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"
     Masta Ace - "Take a Look Around"

Sylvers, Foster
Foster Sylvers: (MGM 1973)
* "Misdemeanor"
     Masta Ace - "Don't Fuck Around (Outro)"

Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta: (Motown 1974)
* "I'm Goin' Left"
     Masta Ace - "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize"

Withers, Bill
Still Bill: (Sussex 1971)
* "Kissin' My Love" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "Movin' On"

Wynne, Philippe
Starting All Over: (Cotillion 1977)
* "Think of Your Thoughts as Children"
     Masta Ace - "Big City"

Do You Have the Time: (20th Century 1973)
* "Do You Have the Time"
     Masta Ace - "Together"

Zapp: (Warner Bros 1980)
* "More Bounce to the Ounce"
     Masta Ace - "Slaughtahouse"

Section 2. Jazz

Ayers, Roy (Ubiquity)
Everybody Loves the Sunshine: (Polydor 1976)
* "Everybody Loves the Sunshine"
     Masta Ace - "Turn it Up"

Benson, George
White Rabbit: (CTI 1971)
* "California Dreaming"
     Masta Ace - "Jeep Ass Niggah"

Chain Reaction: (MCA 1975)
* "Hallucinate"
     Masta Ace - "Observations"

Street Life: (MCA 1979)
* "Street Life"
     Masta Ace - "Postin' High"

Farrell, Joe
Upon this Rock: (CTI 1974)
* "Upon this Rock" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "The Phat Kat Ride"

Gale, Eric
Ginseng Woman: (Columbia 1977)
* "Sara Smile"
     Masta Ace - "Terror"

Higgins, Monk & the Specialites
Dance to the Disco Sax: (Buddah 1974)
* "One Man Band" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "As I Reminisce"
     Masta Ace - "Together"

Hubbard, Freddie
Windjammer: (Columbia 1976)
* "Neo Terra (New Land)"
     Masta Ace - "Ain't No Game"

Humphrey, Bobbi
Satin Doll: (Blue Note 1974)
* "Satin Doll"
     Masta Ace - "Saturday Night Live"

James, Bob
Four: (CTI 1977)
* "El Verano"
     Masta Ace - "NY Confidential"

Lewis, Ramsey
Maiden Voyage: (Cadet 1968)
* "Les Fleurs"
     Masta Ace - "Saturday Nite Live"

McDaniels, Eugene
Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse: (Atlantic 1971)
* "Jagger the Dagger"
     Masta Ace - "Jeep Ass Niggah"

Smith, Lonnie
Drives: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Spinning Wheel" (Drums)
     Masta Ace - "Freestyle?"

Spyro Gyra
Catching the Sun: (MCA 1980)
* "Autumn of Our Love"
     Masta Ace - "Type I Hate"

Upchurch, Philip
Upchurch/Tennyson: (Kudu 1975)
* "Black Gold"
     Masta Ace - "Soda and Soap"

Washington, Grover, Jr.
Feels So Good: (Kudu 1975)
* "Hydra"
     Masta Ace - "A Walk thru the Valley"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Grand Funk Railroad
Closer to Home: (Capitol 1970)
* "Nothing is the Same"
     Masta Ace - "Music Man"

Moody Blues
On the Threshold of a Dream: (Deram 1969)
* "Dear Diary"
     Masta Ace - "Dear Diary"

Spanky and Our Gang
Spanky and Our Gang: (Mercury 1967)
* "Lazy Days"
     Masta Ace - "Take a Walk"

Section 4. Blues Samples

Bloomfield, Mike /Kooper, Al /Stills, Steve
Super Session: (Columbia 1968)
* "Harvey's Tune"
     Masta Ace - "I Like Dat"

King, B. B.
Completely Well: (Polydor 1971)
* "The Thrill is Gone"
     Masta Ace - "Style Wars"

Section 7. Comedy

Blowfly on TV: (? ?)
* "Sesame Street"
     Masta Ace - "Slaughterhouse"

Section 12. Latin, Salsa

d'Alessio, Lupita
Canta Juan Gabriel Y Jose Alfredo Jiminez: (Orfeon 1991)
* "Ya Lo Se Que Tu Te Vas"
     Masta Ace - "Unfriendly Game"

Favio, Leonardo
Los Mas Grandes Exitos: (Sony 1989)
* "Lo Mismo Que Tu"
     Masta Ace - "Block Episode"

Section 17. Novelty, Vanity

McCallum, David
Music, a Bit More of Me: (Capitol ?)
* "The Edge"
     Masta Ace - "No Regrets"

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