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Section 1. Soul

Brown, James
In the Jungle Groove: (Polydor 1986)
* "Funky Drummer" (Drums)
     DJ Mark the 45 King ft Lakim Shabazz - "When a Wise Man Speaks"
     Lakim Shabazz - "Black is Back"

Coffey, Dennis
Black Belt Jones soundtrack: (Warner Bros 1974)
* "Theme from Black Belt Jones"
     Lakim Shabazz - "Sample the Dope Noise"

D Train
D Train: (Prelude 1981)
* "You're the One for Me"
     Lakim Shabazz - "Adding On"

Dibango, Manu
Soul Makossa: (Atlantic 1972)
* "Soul Makossa"
     Lakim Shabazz - "Your Arm's Too $hort to Box with God"

Fatback (Band, The)
Raising Hell: (Event 1975)
* "Put Your Love (In My Tender Care)"
     Lakim Shabazz - "Pure Righteousness"

Maze, ft Frankie Beverly
Live in New Orleans: (Capitol 1981)
* "Before I Let Go"
     Lakim Shabazz - "Getting Fierce"

Reynolds, Jeannie
Bananas, Cherries, and Other Fire Things: (Casablanca 1976)
* "The Fruit Song"
     Lakim Shabazz - "The Posse is Large"

Turner, Ike and Tina
Hunter: (Blue Thumb 1969)
* "Bold Soul Sister"
     Lakim Shabazz - "No Justice No Peace"

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