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Section 1. Soul

B. T. Express
Do it Till Your Satisfied: (Scepter/Roadshow 1974)
* "Everything Good to You (Ain't Always Good for You)"
     DMX - "Get at Me Dog"

ESG: (Nine Nine 1981)
* "UFO"
     Mic Geronimo ft DMX, Fatal, Cormega & Ja - "The Usual Suspects"

Gardner, Taana
single: (West End 1979)
* "Heartbeat"
     DMX - "It's All Good"

Kool and the Gang
Wild and Peaceful: (De-Lite 1973)
* "Jungle Boogie"
     DMX - "Do You"

Just Outside of Town: (Polydor 1973)
* "Mango Meat"
     Mic Geronimo ft DMX, Fatal, Cormega & Ja - "The Usual Suspects"

Mills, Stephanie
?: (20th Century 1979)
* "What Cha Gonna Do with My Lovin'?"
     DMX - "When I'm Nothing"

Native Son soundtrack: (MCA 1985)
* "Beyond Forever"
     DMX - "The Intro"

Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome: (Casablanca 1977)
* "Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk (Pay Attention- B3M)"
     Aaliyah ft DMX - "Come Back in One Piece"

Ross, Diana
Mahogany soundtrack: (Motown 1975)
* "My Hero is a Gun"
     DMX - "Stop Being Greedy"

Rushen, Patrice
single: (Elektra 1980)
* "Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be)"
     Ice Cube ft DMX - "Clubbin'"

Tonight's the Night: (Motown 1961)
* "Dedicated to the One I Love"
     DMX - "Dogs Out"

Starr, Edwin
Hell up in Harlem soundtrack: (Tamla 1974)
* "Easin' In"
     DMX - "Crime Story"

Wansel, Dexter
Time is Slipping Away: (Philadelphia International 1979)
* "New Beginning"
     The LOX ft DMX & Lil' Kim - "Money, Power & Respect"

Section 2. Jazz

Ayers, Roy (Ubiquity)
Coffy soundtrack: (Polydor 1973)
* "Vittroni's Theme - King is Dead"
     Nas ft DMX - "Life is What You Make It"

Hammond, John (Smith, John Robert)
Gears: (Fantasy 1975)
* "Shifting Gears"
     DMX - "Fuckin' Wit' D"

Washington, Grover, Jr.
Feels So Good: (Kudu 1975)
* "Moonstreams"
     DMX - "Slippin'"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Collins, Phil
Face Value: (WEA 1981)
* "In the Air Tonight"
     DMX - "I Can Feel It"

Section 12. Latin, Salsa

Jose Jose
Secretos: (BMG Latin 1983)
* "Lo Dudo"
     DMX - "Let Me Fly"

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