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Section 1. Soul

Collins, Lyn
Think (About It): (People 1972)
* "Think (About It)"
     2 Hyped Brothers and a Dog - "Doo Doo Brown"
     2 Live Crew - "Get Loose Now"
     3XDope - "From Da Giddy Up"
     7A3 - "Goes Like Dis"
     Afrika Bambaataa - "Planet Rock"
     Biz Markie - "Road Block"
     Black Rock & Ron - "I'm Tired"
     Boyz II Men - "Motownphilly"
     Breeze - "Pull a Fast One"
     Caveman - "Fry You Like Fish"
     CEO - "Hit Me with the Beat"
     Choice MC - "HIV Positive"
     Chubb Rock - "Bump the Floor"
     Chubb Rock - "Ya Bad Chubbs"
     Cocoa Brovaz ft Smif-n-Wessun - "Dry Snitch"
     Cookie Crew - "Bad Girls (Rock the Spot)"
     Cool C - "The Glamorous Life"
     Daddy Freddy - "The Crown"
     Das EFX - "Mic Checka"
     De la Soul - "Jenifa (Taught Me) (Derwin's Revenge)"
     Derek B - "We've Got the Juice"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "I Wanna Rock"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "The Girlie Had a Mustache"
     DJ Magic Mike - "M&M Getting Off"
     DOC - "Lend Me an Ear"
     Doc Scott - "Far Away"
     Doctor Ice - "Everybody Get Funky"
     Don Pablo's Animals - "Venus"
     Dream Warriors - "Face in the Basin"
     EPMD - "Da Joint"
     EPMD - "Gold Digger"
     Eric B and Rakim - "No Omega"
     Eric B and Rakim - "Rest Assured"
     Eric B and Rakim - "What's on Your Mind?"
     Finesse & Synquis - "Soul Sisters"
     Freshco & Miz - "We Don't Play"
     Geto Boys - "Seek and Destroy"
     Heavy D - "Flexin'"
     Heavy D - "Somebody for Me"
     Heavy D - "You Ain't Heard Nuttin' Yet"
     Insane Clown Posse ft Twiztid - "85 Bucks an Hour"
     Intelligent Hoodlum - "Party Pack"
     Janet Jackson - "Alright"
     Janet Jackson - "FreeXone"
     K-9 Posse - "Ain't Nothin' to It"
     Kid 'N Play - "Do it My Way"
     Kid 'N Play - "Gittin' Funky"
     King T - "Diss You"
     Kool G Rap ft DJ Polo - "Trilogy of Terror"
     Kool Moe Dee - "I Go to Work"
     Kool Moe Dee - "Let's Get Serious"
     Kool Moe Dee - "Let's Go"
     Kool Moe Dee - "Time's Up"
     Kurtis Blow - "I'm True to This"
     Lil' Kim - "Dreams"
     Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson - "The Best Things in life are Free"
     Marky Mark - "On the House Tip"
     Masta Ace - "Letter to the Better"
     MC Brains - "Everybody's Talkin' about MC Brains"
     MC Smooth - "Smooth and Legit"
     Michel'le - "Keep Watchin'"
     Michie Mee - "On this Mic"
     Mistress & DJ Madame E - "Let it Go"
     Mr. Lee - "Break Out"
     New Edition - "Hit Me Off"
     Nice & Smooth - "Gold"
     NWA - "Appetite for Destruction"
     Organized Konfusion - "Organized Konfusion"
     Paris - "Break the Grip of Shame"
     Paris - "Wretched"
     Patra ft Lyn Collins - "Think"
     PM Dawn - "Norwegian Wood"
     PM Dawn - "The Beautiful"
     Poison Clan - "Fakin' Like Gangsters"
     Poison Clan - "Rough Nigga Gets Busy"
     Prince Johnny C - "Sunshine"
     Public Enemy - "911 is a Joke"
     Public Enemy - "Anti-Nigger Machine"
     Public Enemy - "Pollywanacraka"
     Public Enemy - "Who Stole the Soul?"
     Real Roxanne - "Roxanne's on a Roll"
     Red Hot Lover Tone - "Gigolow's Got it Goin' On"
     Redhead Kingpen - "Superbad, Superslick"
     Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - "Don't Sleep on It"
     Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - "It Takes Two"
     Roxanne Shante - "Bad Sista"
     Roxanne Shante - "Go on Girl"
     Roxanne Shante - "My Groove Gets Better"
     Salt-N-Pepa - "Negro Wit an Ego"
     Schoolly D - "Mama Feel Good"
     Shango - "You're the One"
     Shante - "Shante Gets Wicked"
     Silk X Leather - "The Woman in Me"
     Sister Souljah - "State of Accomodation"
     Skinny Boys - "Get Pepped"
     Slick Rick - "Children's Story"
     Slick Rick - "I Shouldn't Have Done It"
     Slick Rick - "Mistakes of a Woman in Love with Other Men"
     Slick Rick - "Slick Rick - The Ruler"
     Snoop Dogg - "Ain't No Fun"
     South Central Cartel - "Ya Getz Clowned"
     Special Ed - "I'm the Magnificent"
     Steady B - "Nasty Girls"
     Stezo - "Talking Sense"
     Tairrie B - "Anything You Want"
     TLC - "Das Da Way We Like 'Em"
     Tuff Crew - "My Part of Town"
     UMC - "Never Never Land"
     YBT - "Nobody Knows Kelli"
     Yo-Yo - "The Bonnie & Clyde Theme"
     YZ - "The Ghetto's Been Good to Me"
     Z-Trip - "Rockstar 2"

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