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Section 1. Soul

Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome: (Casablanca 1977)
* "Flashlight"
     3XDope - "Make Dat Move"
     Above the Law - "Never Missin' a Beat"
     Above the Law - "Wicked"
     Ahmad - "Can I Party?"
     Boss - "Born Gangsta"
     Brand Nubian - "Wake Up (Reprise in the Sunshine)"
     C + C Music Factory - "Things That Make You Go Hmm"
     Criminal Nation - "I'm Rollin'"
     De la Soul - "Shwingalokate"
     Del - "Sunny Meadowz"
     Digital Underground - "Arguin' on the Funk"
     Digital Underground - "Body-Hats"
     Digital Underground - "Doowutchyalike"
     Digital Underground - "Rhymin' on the Funk"
     Digital Underground - "Shinin' on the Funk"
     Digital Underground - "Sons of the P"
     Digital Underground - "The Danger Zone"
     Downtown Science - "Radioactive"
     Dynas - "Spittin"
     Erick Sermon - "The Ill Shit"
     Esham - "Game of Death"
     Esham - "Sunshine"
     Fu-Schnickens - "Star of the Show"
     Genius - "True Fresh MC"
     High Preformance - "Here's a Party Jam"
     Ice Cube - "Man's Best Friend"
     Ice Cube - "The Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit"
     Ice T - "Home Invasion"
     Jungle Brothers - "Sunshine"
     KAM - "Neva Again"
     Keith Murray - "East Left"
     Kool G Rap - "Operation CB"
     Lench Mob - "Guerillas in the Mist"
     Lil' Bruce - "Mobbin'"
     Masta Ace - "Jeep Ass Niggah"
     MC Ren - "Mr. Fuck Up"
     MC Ren - "One False Move"
     MC Ren - "The Final Frontier"
     Mixmaster Spade & Compton Posse - "Genius is Back"
     Original Concept - "Runnin' Yo Mouth"
     Poison Clan - "Some Shit I Use to Do"
     Poison Clan - "Strictly for the Hardcore"
     Public Enemy - "Anti-Nigger Machine"
     Public Enemy - "Night Train"
     Redman - "Rockafella"
     Redman - "So Ruff"
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley - "U Don't Hear Me Tho"
     Run-DMC - "Back from Hell"
     Salt-N-Pepa - "I'll Take Your Man"
     Snoop Dogg - "W. Balls"
     Spanish Fly - "The Dealer"
     Threat - "Bust One Fa Me"
     Threat - "Get Ghost"
     Threat - "Niggas Like You"
     Too $hort - "Bad Ways"
     Tupac - "Let them Thangs Go"
     Wiseguys - "Caribbean Breeze"
     X-Clan - "Heed the Words of a Brother"
     X-Clan - "Xodus"

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