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Section 1. Soul

B. T. Express
Do it Till Your Satisfied: (Scepter/Roadshow 1974)
* "Express"
     Busy Bee - "Express"
     Gang Starr - "Gusto"
     Leaders of the New School - "Sound of the Zeekers"
     Powerule - "Young Stars from Nowhere"
     Prince Johnny C - "For the Love of. . ."
     Rell ft Jay-Z - "Love for Free"
* "This House is Smokin'"
     3rd Bass - "Triple Stage Darkness"
     Above the Law - "Menace to Society"
     Positively Black - "Nightmare on America Street"
     W.I.S.E Guyz - "This House is Smokin'"
* "Everything Good to You (Ain't Always Good for You)"
     DMX - "Get at Me Dog"
     EPMD - "Get the Bozack"
     Ma$e - "Would They Die for You"
     Rascalz - "Northern Touch"
* "If it Don't Turn You on (You Outta Leave it Alone)"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Smooth Operator"
     DOC - "Comm 2"
     Dr. Dre - "Stranded on Death Row"
     En Vogue - "Lies"
     EPMD - "So Whatcha Sayin'?"
     Gang Starr - "Premier & the Guru"
     Ice Cube - "Jackin' for Beats"
     King T - "Can this Be Real?"
     Kool Moe Dee - "God Made Me Funky"
     Live Squad - "Pump for a Livin'"
     Lootpack - "Whenimondamic"
     MC Lyte - "Ice Cream Dream"
     Nemesis - "Str8 Jackin'"
     Rubix - "Imagine"
     SWV - "Use Your Heart"
     Treacherous Three - "Yes We Can Can"
* "Once You Get It"
     Above the Law - "Menace to Society"
     C.E.B. - "Goes Like This"
     Cookie Crew - "Feelin' Proud"
     DJ Quik - "Loc'ed out Hood"
     DJ Quik - "Tear it Off"
     Maestro Fresh Wes - "LTD's on the Wheels of Fortune"
     Schoolly D - "Parkside 5-2"
* "Do You Like It"
     Above the Law - "Menace to Society"
     Boogiemonsters - "Riders of the Storm"
     DJ Quik - "Loc'ed out Hood"
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - "Yo Baby"
     Ice T - "The Iceberg"
     King T - "King Tee Production"
     Positively Black - "Take No Prisoners"
     W.I.S.E Guyz - "Let's Rock the House"
     Zhigge - "Harlem"
* "Do it 'Till Your Satisfied"
     Common Sense - "A for the Effort"
     Funky Aztec - "Chicano Blues"
     Truth Hurts ft Rakim - "Addictive"

Non Stop: (Scepter/Roadshow 1976)
* "You Got it I Want It"
     Audio Two ft MC Lyte - "Start it up Y'all"
     Coolio - "Smokin' Stix"
* "Happiness"
     3rd Bass - "Problem Child"
* "Discotizer"
     S'Express - "Superfly Guy"
* "Still Good-Still Like It" (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Description of a Fool"
     EPMD - "Rampage"
* "Peace Pipe"
     I Am - "Noble Art"

Energy to Burn: (Columbia 1976)
* "Now That We Found Love"
     50 Cent - "Get Out the Club"

Shout: (Roadshow 1978)
* "You Got Something"
     WC & the Maad Circle - "Ghetto Seranade"
* "What Do You Do in the Dark"
     Del - "Wrongplace"

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