Arrington, Steve (Hall of Fame)
Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame I: (Atlantic 1983)
* “Nobody Can Be You (But You)”
     Brand Nubian’s “Grand Puba, Positive and L.G.”
     LL Cool J’s “Nobody Can Freak You”
     Shaq’s “Nobody”
     Snoop Dogg’s “21 Jumpstreet”
* “Weak at the Knees”
     Mello P’s “Run 4 Cover”
     The Game’s “No More Fun and Games”
     3XDope’s “Weak at the Knees”
     Ice Cube’s “The Nigga You Love to Hate”
     Jermaine Dupri ft Jay-Z’s “Money Ain't a Thing”
     Mariah Carey’s “Get Your Number”
     NWA’s “Gangsta, Gangsta”
     Poison Clan’s “Put Shit Pass No Ho”
* “Beddie Bye”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “The Chase, Pt II”

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